Thinking about getting an iCube II

Does the iCube II do anything more than let the audiologists or me connect to a PC to tweak sound levels? I don’t really see myself reprogramming the hearing aids but if it allowed me to connect with my audio on the PC that would be useful.

I believe what you need to connect with the audio is the ComPilot 1 or ComPilot II depending on the model of your HA.

You need Phonak Compilot (a bluetooth neckloop device) and TV Link.

Compilot Phonak Product Compatibility

Phonak TV Link Compatibility

Setup Phonak ComPilot For TV And TV Link

The iCube 2 is for wireless programming Phonak Quest, Venture and Beyond hearing aids.
What aids do you have?

The icube ll is a programming device to program Phonak hearing aids. It doesn’t connect to any audio and what you need is a Compilot device.

Thanks for the info. I will take a look into these other devices.