Thinking about coclear implants, but have some questions

I have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, wore hearing aids for the last 30 years. Recenly i went to my audiologist for my yearly hearing test and i was told that my hearing level has surpassed the point of what my hearing aids could produce (basicaly there turned all the way up). I can still here but it sounds very soft in most cases. I haven’t made my apointment as of yet for the coclear implant evaluation.

My biggest question is with coclear implants am I going to be totaly deaf now until I get them turned on and then while there not in?

Yes you are right

Do you still have some hearing in any of your ears without the hearing aid?

Very little if any at all. More so loud noises.

If you’re concerned, maybe get an implant in just one ear, the one with a profound loss. And maybe also ask your audiologist about hybrid implants.

I’m thinking looking for real advice on here instead on talking to your doc is beyond silly!

There may be times a potential cochlear implant candidate would also want to get some input from other experienced CI users.


go to they have where you can connect with a local person in your area to discuss implant. They hooked me up with an individual that had implant and it was very helpful to chat with him before my implant. I had implant Nov. 2016 and have HA in the other ear. I am in the learning process and it is an interesting journey.

I have just about made the decision to take this plunge myself.
Just curious if you have made it past the “Robot Chipmunk” stage yet?

Have you decided on which brand CI you plan to go with?

Just starting the process,leaning toward Choclear because I have Resound Linx HA’s.

Ok, I have Cochlear. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi touches,

I have been considering a CI and if I go for it, I would be like you and have implant in one ear and HA in the other. You said it is an interesting journey and I would like you to please elaborate on that. I would love to know more about what your experience with a CI in one ear and a HA in the other is like.

Since others seem to have an interest in this CI post…
You stated you have had CI for 9 years, I am very happy to hear from you.
During 9 years have you had troubles with the processor?
What about upgrades?

FWIW… I have an acquaintance from a “trade” forum that went with AB and a Phonac HA.
He said, he could hear, but he had a problem with determining where sound was coming from.
He has just been approved by insurance to get a second CI. He is very happy.

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Sure, I’ve been happy with my CI. I also know of some users that’s had their CI’s for 20 or almost 30 years, etc.

Most of the troubles I had with my CI are just little external ones like having to replace the coil or needing a new microphone protector and so forth. Kinda like the ones one would also have with an HA.

I’ve also upgraded once thus far. First getting the Freedom in May 2008 and then upgrading to the Nucleus 6 in January 2015. Whereas the Nucleus 6’s processor is smaller and also has some extra features like the remote which I use often and that some of the older models didn’t have.

yes, getting there but still needs patience and additional tune-up but is better than hearing aids

Please keep us informed in your progress.
Did you before or do you afterwards have tinnitus?

Do you have a CI?

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