Think I got screwed-Widex 440 Programming

I just spent $150 to have my widex 440 Mind aids programmed, by a DOCTOR of audiology… She seemed to know nothing about what she was doing… I knew I was in trouble when she used the term “un connected” instead of “disconnected”… She spoke more like a high school kid…
Took about 20 minutes to program my Widex mind 440 aids, and I only have 3 programs… the manual says I should have 6… She said I could only select 1 Zen program, but my manual states 2 or even 3 with Zen +[whatever that is]…
All I have is white noise, with amplification… I am suppossed to be able to get Zen without amplification…

I have these programs…

1 standard- ok at best
2 TV- unusable… Ultra loud, distorted, feedback
3 Zen- white noise at a low level… pretty much useless, except in a quiet room… An MP3 player with the FM radio tuned to an “in between” station[white noise/static], is 10,000 times better…

Is this REALLY all thats available in a set of $6500, top of the line Widex aids… VERY disappointed.
I was told that they did mostly Oticon and Starkey, not too much Widex, I really wish they would have told me that BEFORE I made the appointment, NOT when I was sitting in the damn chair…
It was at a hospital ENT/Audiology dept… I figured they must know what they were doing, but now I am not so sure… These are early Widex Mind/zen 440 aids… They each have program button and thats it, No volume control , no remote etc…Anyone that knows these aids, and can give me good solid advice, I would appreicate it… bob

First, just because the hearing aids have the capability of having 6 programs doesn’t mean you need 6 programs. I hardly ever use 3 programs on a hearing aid let alone 6. I would think that after spending $6500 her spending a mere 20 minutes on programming would upset you more. 20 minutes to connect the hearing aids (are you really going to criticize her for using terminology that you don’t like? That seems a little trivial) and then set up the 3 programs and then try to review with you what they are is absolutely normal.

Many hearing aids I fit if they are RIC or mini-bte’s only have a push-button and no separate VC. I’m not familiar with the Widex Mind enough to tell you whether that’s typical or not.

What is your expectation of the Zen program? You can get a program without amplification. There are also a lot of other stimuli available…I thought the ideal program would be to use one of the fractal sound generators for zen, not the white noise.

Did you buy the hearing aids there or somewhere else and then go there for programming???

I would make notes about what isn’t working and what is (if anything) and then when you have your next appointment go in and tell the audiologist.

No they were not bought there… They were bought used.
If more than 3 programs are available, I would like them, as i have severe tinnitus. I need the zen w/ amplification and without it if thats possible, Also, I noticed she stopped at 4K… thats was the last frequency I saw her move… Now I didn’t really know what I was looking at on the screen, but it looked similar to an audiogram. After she adjusted 4 K, she ended it and sent me on my way… These aids don’t get the sparking high sounds , and I don’t hear “s” all the well… I REALLY hope she didn’t adjust up to 4 K and then quit… She seemed much more concerned about getting done than she did about making sure these aids were right for me…

Now I know why people spend $6-7 k on aids… they know the will be happy with them, and the audio will keep at it until they are right if he/she wants to keep the sale intact…
I would pay anything they want , I am not looking for handouts, and $150 for 20 minutes is not chump change… bob

did I read this correct you paid $6500 for used aids? where did you find used aids? here’s the reason it’s tough to find an Audi to program aids they didn’t sell… pretty much no good deed goes unpunished.

No, they retail at $6500 NEW… I bought them used for $1200… You are dead wrong about audios not wanting to program aids they didn’t sell.
I got nothing but “yes we’d be happy to” when I called audios… I think I just may have chosen the wrong one… She was close, had a Phd worked in a hospital audiology dept, and at $150 , I could deal with it…
She should have told me she didn’t do much with w/Widex, as they sell most Oticon and Starkey at this hospital. Guthrie Clinic, Sayre Pa.

Search goes on, but next time I ask if they REALLY know the ins and outs of programming Widex aids…

So, I am out $150, and now plan on seeing another audio that wants $200, but states she will give me an hour and makes sure they are RIGHT… Thats all I ask… bob

You are dead wrong about audios not wanting to program aids they didn’t sell.

really? then why so many post on here complaining about that exact fact… ever think there might be a reason those $6200 hearing aids that you paid $1200 for might not work as good as you expect?

Never complained about the fact that I couldn’t get them programmed… I was told HERE, by the “experts” that no one would program them, and jumped to the conclusion that that would indeed be the case… Of course, that “information” was 100% false. Kindly get all your facts in order before making accusations.

… They are in excellent condition, and at $1200 I got them at a reasonable price… They just need to be set up by a pro that knows THESE aids.
Is it REALLY that much to ask that a good audio program for me, at a price THEY name, to where I can take advantage of all the features offered with this model??.. Are the people on this forum that anal, that they defend incompetance because I committed the HORRIFIC crime of buying used aids??.. Oh the horror… bob

I use to be amazed but only now amused by you experts… hey slick you going to keep your VA appt or turn your back on them? you know how you have been screwed all these years.

I didn’t say all your post I said all the post on here… someone has your $1200 and sounds like someone has your $150 and all you got was hosed. hope you do better this time around but I suspect you won’t be any happier. I hope one of your audi’s don’t run those serial numbers and find they are stolen.

you kids have fun…


While you do have a good grasp of procedures and advice, the delivery methods used are causing a lack of respect and credibility.

Marginalizing and belittling people will not give you anything you are seeking.

Are the people on this forum that anal, that they defend incompetance because I committed the HORRIFIC crime of buying used aids??.. Oh the horror… bob

Hmm … not a good way to make friends IMHO.

You bought used aids at a bargain price, had them (badly?) programmed at a bargain price … and are now insulting the generally friendly & helpful people here.

Expecting to get your aids perfectly programmed for pennies is possibly a poor strategy.

In most situations dispensers/audis and hearing aid users build up a working and usually effective & friendly relationship over many hours/days.

A ‘flying visit’ of one hour will NOT get your aids setup perfectly.

Think Relationships & People … NOT Dollars & Technology.

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wow, I guess I wasn’t prepared for the anger and unfriendliness i have experienced on this forum…
I am just trying to find out if the widex Mind 440 should have more than 3 programs or not… If so, I did get hosed. She said thats all I could get.

If not, the audio took $ 150 for my 20 minutes in the chair, and I am the chump for believing what it said in the owners manual.

I would have paid anything the audio wanted, I just want good service
and my questions answered concerning the aids… I got none of these things… I came here thinking perhaps someone had a good working knowledge of the Widex Mind 440 aids.

sorry for bothering everyone… bob

Trust your manual and start shopping for another audi.

Send an email to widex asking for a list of authorized audi’s in your area.

When you do contact them, explain you are looking for a competent audi and you are not looking for a free ride. You are willing to pay for a good fitting.

That will bypass a lot of the political baloney that comes with mentioning getting HA’s from the 'net. Admitting you made a mistake and are willing to learn from it typically sets the stage to establishing a good business relationship.

Arrogance and bullying are not conducive to building anything, let alone relationships.

:). If the shoe fits, wear it! :cool:

You are not experiencing anger and unfiendlines on this forum with the exception of few "resident’ dispensers promoting the virtue of their business who have a real problem accepting the fact that not everyone is able to spend $6000.00 for hearing aids. This is a friendly and helpful forum with lot of pros giving their time and advise freely to anyone who asks. Don’t jump to premature conclusion bcause of few “bad” apples.

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wow, I guess I wasn’t prepared for the anger and unfriendliness i have experienced on this forum…

Err … please check your original post title: “Think I got screwed …”

You ARRIVED with negative vibes …

If someone arrives at my office smiling and polite, all goes well.

If a stranger arrives and is also very grumpy then it may not go so well …

Simply human nature.

Nothing to do with hearing aids.

with the exception of few "resident’ dispensers promoting the virtue of their business who have a real problem accepting the fact that not everyone is able to spend $6000.00 for hearing aids.


None of the posts in this thread so far have been made by ‘bad apples’.

The original poster simply tried to cut his/her costs by cutting corners.

Essentially it seems that the OP expected to obtain a top class hearing aid fitting for $150 and in 20 minutes … and that’s for hearing aids which the fitter did NOT recommend or supply. Probability of failure? HIGH

It was a valiant attempt which might have worked - but sadly in this case it doesn’t seem to have worked out too well.

Like all purchasing decisions it’s a trade off between lower price & increased risk.

It’s pointless getting annoyed if any specific low cost purchase doesn’t work out … because maybe the next three or four will be mega bargains, so everything evens out long term.

Is ANYONE here reading?? I mean really… I was told by the HOSPITAL ENT /AUDIOLOGY dept it would cost $150 to have my Widex aids programmed… I was not bargain hunting… Get it?
They could have named any price… THAT was what they wanted, and I was glad to pay WHAT THEY ASKED FOR…
If they didn’t KNOW the aids, they should have told me that…

Cutting corners??. Why?, because i bought a very nice set of lightly used high end aids at a fair price?/… They look like new, and they work well, but need to be properly programmed. Also the leads should be fit to my ears… I will GLADLY pay for these services, whatever a good audio asks for. $200?.. $300… Fine, I’ll pay it. Just don’t tell me I can only get 3 programs, when the owners manual says 6, and don’t leave me with a program thats 100% unusable, and then show me the door.

This was a DR of audiology working at a hospital, and I paid the price THEY requested.
Not bargain hunting… Not eveyone wants to pay $6500 for aids… I figured I would pay $1200 for the aids, and perhaps another $350 in proramming, new leads to fit my ears etc… Is that really being cheap??.. Paying $350 to a person for an hour or so work??.. I guess I don’t understand… bob

some models of the Widex MIND440 only have 3 program memories and the most Zen programs you can have is one. go and read the manual that matches you model. they are not all the same.

Thanks for that reply… I have the Mind 440 m4m4-m-CB… My manual shows the same as the online manual at the link you provided… 6 listening programs, 2 Zen programs… I dunno, I am confused here. i guess the manual could be wrong?

I would like programs such as audibility extender if they are available, and the manual says they are… I guess I’ll go to another audio that is better versed in Widex products, and pay for them to show me exactly what is available in my aids, and I’ll try and get the most out of what I have…
Really I would like to KNOW what I have, and thats the question I was hoping to get answered.
The real problem is the hospital I went to didn’t do much with Widex, mostly Oticon and Starkey…
They should have told me that, and I guess thats why I am a little PO’d…
All they had to do is tell me that when I called…

To be fair, I made the appointment with a receptionist over the phone, and NOT the audio. bob

For $150, you should have gotten more than a 20 minute appointment. Just gathering the history necessary would take probably 5-10 minutes. I do agree that perhaps the audiologist should have been more up front about her knowledge base for fitting Widex hearing aids. I think you would be served well to be more clear (like you said) when you look for the next provider.

I’ll still repeat that just because your hearing aids may have the capacity for 6 programs doesn’t mean that you need them all. Now if you are insisting that is what you want and the hearing aid is, in fact, capable of 6 then by all means, the audiologist should have programmed all 6 for you.

I will still revert to my original question of what you expect from the zen program? This isn’t meant to be in the snarky “well what did you expect?” tone…it’s a genuine question about what your expectations of what the zen program will accomplish are. The biggest part of a fitting, even if the HA’s were purchased elsewhere, is establishing expectations of the patient to determine which ones are realistic and which ones may not be.

Unfortunately, I am not at all familiar with the current Widex line of products so I can’t really help you in the actual programming department. As unfortunate as your first experience was, I’d write it off as a learning experience and move on to a provider who has a more extensive working knowledge of Widex and can help you learn what they are and are not capable of doing for you.

Bob, if you’d like to post the Model and the earhook/earmold options (if any) you have, I can tell you precisely how many program slots there are. By “model”, I mean either CIC, ITE, or one of four possible BTE’s.


Edit - Oops, I see you did post the model above. The earhook option probably is not relevant to the number of slots. The BTE m4m-CB model has five slots (including master) and one “smart toggle” feature into which can be loaded the zen+ program. Here’s a description of the smart toggle:

"For mind440 and Passion 440 hearing aids you can use the SmartToggle
feature to add the SmartToggle function. This feature gives you access
to a Zen+ program activated by Up key on the remote control. Once the
program has been activated, you can use short key presses to toggle
between 3 different Zen styles. Activate SmartToggle again to return to
Program 1.

Note that the SmartToggle feature only works binaurally. If you are
working with two hearing aids, you cannot select different SmartToggle
settings for each of the hearing aids."

Maybe that audi was confusing the “3 different zen styles” with actual number of program slots. (Which of course would not happen to anyone experienced in fitting this model.)