Things that suck

The Febuary issue of Wired Magazine had an article “Why things Suck”:

I was not surprised to find hearing aids on the list having worn aids for 35 years. Needing new aids soon, this time, I’m at wit’s end as to where I’m going to come up with the money. I have no problem paying my HA dispenser for his services. And I certainly don’t want to bankrupt the hearing
manufacturers who help me… Maybe its the economy or my career…it has
not kept up with the hearing aid prices.

I guess I need to treat it like needing a new car and take out a loan. But
my car I brought used…that’s what I need…certified pre-owned hearing
aids. Sigh.

Interesting comment,

what happened with all those instruments that are return for credit?

I have heard some companies sell it @ bulk prices for export

is this right?

anyone knows

I have a set of Starkey 1600 CIC’s I’ll let go cheap… Only have 4 months on them.

whY are you so unsatisfied?

:mad: :mad:

i read your aid didnt want to perform REM,

This isntrument has a feature to eardrum measurments…

did she ever do this…

It’s a big feature of this model aid (1600) to do REM. Neither the HIS or the audiologist would do it, they both said it wasn’t necessary???:mad:

hhuck, thanks, my hearing loss dictates I use BTE aids. I had tried some
completely in the ear ones in my childhood but seem to have the best luck
with behind the ear aids.

Sorry to hear about your dissatifaction with the Starkeys. Definitely return
them if you are not satisfied.

xbulder, as a dispenster what do you do with ones returned within 30 days;
can someone purchase them at a reduced rate or are they sent back to the
manufacturer. I always wonder why I have to purchase retail and new.

I have the exact same question…

I believe by law you can not re sell them- at all therefore, i have heard the aids are export at a very deep discounted price

what is going on i really do not know at all

I see. So there is law or policy that says any new HA must be returned
to the manufacturer or distributor? It cannot be sold.

In the computer industry these units would be what one calls “refurbished”
and one could buy them at a discounted price but without the full manufacturer’s warranty.

So an accurate analogy with HAs would be its like buying a new car except
one is only allowed to buy brand new/sticker price from the dealer. There are no used cars, no refurbished cars.

Maybe I should lease my hearing aids?