They gave me 2 Right ones

I’ve had these HAs for 5 days and every time I put them away and open the battery case, the right one sits with the battery lodged in its case while the left one sits with the battery underneath and it falls out. I have been asking myself why don’t they make them symmetrical. Well, I just found out both the HA say R. I am kinda upset,also because I was there today to change the wire to a longer one (costco, ks5).
I have an app scheduled for 11/11 and I am calling them on monday anyway about this R/L mismatch, but what difference does it make in the meantime? I am also curious to know how that could have happened, I though the ks5 was a kit, 2 hearing aids, one L one R

My KS5s are identical. Every behind the ear aid I’ve ever had, both were identical. Where are you seeing an R? If you open the door one click to turn the aids off, the batteries won’t fall out. If you open the battery door fully, one will fall out.

The aids come with little red and blue markers that can be inserted into the aids to mark one as left (blue) or right (red). Other than a different serial number, they should be exactly identical, not symmetrical.

You have what you are supposed to have.

Well that is good to know.
Behind the HA, under the direct audio input, there is an R on both pieces. I thought one should be an L, because according to the user guide there should be a right/left indicator and that R is the only thing that resembles an indicator.

I tell them apart from the red/blue receiver.

On the side of the battery door, there’s a small square hole where the color marker is supposed to be inserted. Your Costco fitter can order a market kit for you if needed. It’s a no-charge item.

I’ll ask. I don’t have a problem with the 2 aids not being marked left and right; I was concerned that they should be symmetrical R and L, and I got two R.

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I’ll ask. I don’t have a problem with the 2 aids not being marked left and right; I was concerned that they should be symmetrical R and L, and I got two R.

I am brand new to this, so my comment is just common sense. The r/l will eventually be programmed differently so it is very important that they be easy to identify, especially say in the morning if you get up & maybe are still a little sleepy.

My right has a RED tip, my Left has a Blue tip.

Also there is a pre bent shape to the wire going to the dome. This points the dome in the correct orientation to go into the canal.

If I SWITCH mine the left HA wire points the DOME AWAY from the canal, same with right.

Go back with this info & tell the audio to give you a correct L/R setup and mark them somehow.


They have a red and blue tip. I cannot confuse them, also they bend differently, like you said. I am just talking about the piece behind the ear; I thought they should be different, I guess it’s the same identical piece of equipment

I just ckd mine appear also to be identical for the bte part.


I pulled out my magnifier loupe, and see the R now, but that is not any indication of left versus right. If anything, that and the symbol to the left and the CE above it are registration marks of some sort.

BTE aids are identical (they don’t come in right/left versions) so the only way to tell them apart is with battery door markers or the color of the receivers. They should be programmed for the correct ear, though. Sounds like someone just slipped up and put a right marker in both aids. Just ask them to correct the left one next time you’re in.

The BTE parts do not have markers, red or blue. They have a letter R, which at first I thought meant right; now I understand it has nothing to do with right and left, and I learned that BTE hearing aids are identical, not symmetrical.

However, the receivers are marked red and blue, and the aids are programmed correctly, and I do not confuse them when I put them in my ears.

I didn’t mean to give the impression that I was using the right and left one indifferently; that is not the case :slight_smile:

On my aids the receiver points in a different direction, the right one in the right ear, the left one in the left ear. They will only fit in my ears the correct way.


my first post, wa-la

my ks5’s are identical except for the color of the battery compartment locks on the battery doors, left blue, right red

since these are my first aids, although i have had serious hearing problems since childhood and am now hearing sounds i have never heard before “i am slow on the take up at times LOL”

going back to costco tomorrow for an adjustment, right side popping and too sensitive on some frequencies

since i live in the middle of no-where Pa. potter county, it is a three and half hour drive to the closest costco in Harrisburg one way !

Good luck on your trip, that’s a commitment! Mine is only 15 minutes away.

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Good luck on your trip, that’s a commitment! Mine is only 15 minutes away.