They are here!

Well guys, my hearing aids have arrived. I go for the fitting tomorrow morning. I bought the Syncro’s because my audi felt this was the best. ???

I paid $5700.00 for both ears which includes 3 years of batteries, three years of maintenance, cleaning, and checkups, and two years of warranty. Plus insurance that will cover it if lost for 1 or 2 years. He is also giving me 6 months to try out. To me, this seems like a fair price. What do you guys think?

Is there something I should ask for or have him do tomorrow? What about accessories?

I will post my thoughts on these but seeing how these are my first hearing aids, I really won’t have anything to go by. Thanks for all the help you guys have giving me.


I have them and all I can say is ouch!! My Syncros are loud. I am hoping this is not the way they will be and I have to get use to them. This was our first sitting and I am scheduled to go again in 2 weeks. I am hearing things I haven’t been able to hear for a long time. Like birds flapping their wings while they are flying 200 feet in the air.

Is this normal? Just typing this hurts my ears because it is too loud. The Syncros do not have a voluming control and I didn’t get any programs just yet.

For all the Audis out there. Should I just ride this out and understand this is normal because I am not use to hearing this well? Or should I go and see him again and get these things lowered. Bouncing a basketball on a gym floor hurts my ears. I hear the air conditioning now and it is annoying.


When I first received my aids last April everthing sounded loud.

After a few days I went back to my Audi and asked for a program
that wasn’t so sensitive. In other words I had him dumb them down a little.

After that i would used the “dumbed down” program in really loud sounding
locations. ie warehouse, target, some times church concerts etc.

This really worked for me I now mostly use the original program, but
still use the “dumbed” one for really noisy places.

Hope this helps


ps don’t wait for two weeks I would suggest you see your Audi ASAP

When I first got hearing aids 5 and a half years ago, I experienced the same thing. I remember being in a shopping mall and the sounds were overwhelming. My aids had a T-coil program (designed for landline telephone use) that shut out all the noise. What I didn’t count on was the emanations from a store’s electronic security system causing my aids to buzz like crazy in T-coil mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only advice I have is to hang in there and give it a few weeks as your brain adjusts. In short order, I found that the noises that you and I found overwhelming that first day retreat into the background later, as we re-learn to hear our surroundings.

Since that first day, I’ve tried a few different types of aids, and have adjusted very easily to them. But that first week or so was an experience!:eek:


I have fitted a great deal of syncros, while most of my clients prefers tegos
sincros are tend to provide better speech understanding …
Syncros have 5 identities, you can think as how reactive the instrument is.
This is a parameter that is calculated based on age, experience of use.
I would suggest you ask your audi to use a slower identity so the instrument is more confortable…

Sincro has something cool call automatic adaptation manager, your audi can set the aid really low and every x# days the instrument will re program itself and increase 1db till it is fully program they way it is suppose to be…

this is really great feature and now I have seen resound use the same thing
in the Azure…

good luck!

Lovely Wendie


Good choice of aids… If you recall I have the Syncro on loan as my Digifocus
is repaired… It been several weeks now and my ear has adjusted to it…
Of course my loner model has a volume control. Several times I’ve had to
turn it down (like when my little one is screaming). I generally like the
aid now and loath to give it back (they callled my old aid is repaired and in :frowning: ).

How many programs did you get on the button? Did you get one with a volume control? I would definitely get a mute program on the button if it’s
available for times when you want it off (but don’t want to hear it boot up again).

That somethings are loud…perhaps you need some adjustment.

Best of luck…I’m a bit jealous as I now have to give mine back.

i believe you can set 3 programs and the
mute butom is standart in most oticon instrument now.

2 things i would like to see in the Oticon is
A) to introduce the auto tele in most productsa
b) the are lacking of a remote control, phonak had done a good job in this area, hopefully they will start to include this features in most of the new hearing instrument built on the rise platform


Hey guys,

I am very appreciative of all the advice and help everyone has given me over these past couple of weeks.

I went back to my Audi and had him tone it down a little. He was a little hesitant about doing this but after I told him if I turn a page from the newspaper, I think I will wake the whole house up, he complied.

So far, I have only one program - ( about what my normal hearing can hear ) and the mute button. I do wish I had a remote control. This would be a definite for me if I have to get another set of hearing aids. What would be other programs that people would get?

When I talk on the phone, I do hear a little feedback. A slight ring or siren but only steady. This also happens when the seat belt buzzard goes off in my truck. Can this be fixed?

Since these are my first hearing aids, I don’t have anything to go by but they seem to do the job. I was amazed at the little sounds I haven’t been hearing. Like the little sounds the car engine makes, crickets, a pin dropping on hard wood flooring. Well maybe not that but everything else.

My ears are a little soar for the mold in my ear by evening. Hopefully this will go away.

I will keep posting on my progress.


i strongly suggest a music program…

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