Thesis Survey

My name is Zachary Stupple and I am conducting a research project that will go towards my masters thesis. The research is about the theme of trust and how it plays a role in the audiologist and patient relationship. If you are over 18 and have experience as a patient in an audiology clinic here is a link to a survey that will ask questions about trust between audiologist and patient. To take part in this survey follow the link and read the information sheet for more information or use the following e-mails for more information. Student researcher: or Project supervisor:

Sounds like a good way to collect data on this subject. With a little luck, the thesis (research) will product some statistics (not forgetting that there lies, damn lies and statics) on this subject.

Thank you I appreciate it, yes lets hope for some good data!!

Are you lookibg for only people who go to private audiologists or would costco customers also qualify?

Really would love insight from anyone that has been to any audiologist private or not :slight_smile:

Yes taking a survey on line for someone you know nothing about other than what he says sounds like a great idea. I’ll pass

Understand your concern and caution, and find it ironic that the survey topic is focused on “trust.” Perhaps OP can provide information about what step they need to go thorough to be listed on the forum as a Registered Provider as I’d expect that there is some scrutiny here before the “forum owner” allows that designation in forum.
Perhaps the OP can provide their full name; link to their website if they have one; audiologist license number - I assume that UK audi has some kind of licensing requirement. But given this is a masters thesis perhaps OP is still in school so an image of their student ID might dispell “mistrust.” Just my suggestions.