These new KS10 aids w/custom molds are the best

I just got back from my morning recumbent trike ride around the neighborhood. I can now hear all the birds tweet, cars coming from behind me, and traffic noise is reasonable/normal. Back at my desk, the aids are my computer sound defaults almost as soon as I sit down. Bluetooth connection to all my devices is flawless. Conversations on my Galaxy phone are perfect…I couldn’t even use the phone before. Now I can even hear my wife from another room.
I use the Automatic setting and usually decrease volume to -1.
My brother-in-law and his wife visited recently. During a conversation on the patio, he said, “welcome back”.


Great! I know my HA’s are making a positive difference in my life as well. Only had them 3 weeks, but enjoying rediscovering the many things I missed over the past decade or so.

I have a recumbent trike as well! Been riding it for 8 years, and it is great fun. I ride an indoor “spinner” bike most of the time now because of failing eyesight. Always had several vision problems, but had to give up driving 3 years ago and outdoor biking about a year ago. I am very thankful for the indoor bike (I use You tube bike videos) but of course it is not the same.

I wish you continued success with your HA’s, and yes it’s amazing how many birds songs there are even in the back yard :slight_smile: