There's a Salvation Army bell ringer in my ear

This is a high-pitched rapid ringing when I use the iCom with my cell phone. It’s like a store-front bell ringer who has had too much coffee. It lasts for a couple of seconds and rapidly fades, but it can happen more than once over the course of the conversation. I can handle it, but I would like to know what is going on and it does decrease speech understanding during those few seconds. Mostly it is in my left ear, but I hear everything better on the left.
Any ideas?

Sorry, I cannot help you, however, I replied as it sounds like just the thing to have for the Christmas holidays!

After December 25th, you might want to change the tune to that song they sing at New Years Eve!


I LOVE it!!! Someone else with a sense of humor. :smiley: Careful, some people around these parts jump on me when I joke around :rolleyes:

You might try pressing that Reset button in the center of the label for starters. Don’t know if it will do anything, but it is worth a try. Then you can Pair the devices again like you just started out. If that does not work, ask your audi if you have the latest firmware from Phonak in your iCom … that would be 6.2b. I know it solved issues I was having with voice dialing not working. Who knows what else it may resolve

Sound like the 4 beeps when your iCom connects with your hearing aids, could be your Mobile is not compatible with the iCom and connecting, unconnecting then reconnecting or your phone is too far away from the iCom? And as Neilk says, if it does not have the latest firmware, it may clash with certain phones? I know, the iPhone 4 had probs with the iCom, before the new firmware solved this!

Good luck with a fix:D Cheers, Kev.