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Hi all ,

Im toti 29 year Some people know my story earlier here, I lost my hearing suddenly, gradually during 4 months with a normal ear(since April 2020)and I have severe hearing loss in the other ear since childhood.

I have not stopped finding solutions, and I have found only one solution, which is a cochlear implant .

I read people’s experiences here and the feedback was very happy, happy and gave me motivation to move forward.( In particular, the German @Dani is amazing at updating the diary with cochlear implants and how to solve problems and deal with them.

Today was the day for the surgery in the morning, after 12 hours I feel a little relaxed. Looks like I’m walking now. I’m still in the hospital tomorrow. An appointment for examination of the wound, removal of the tape, periodic examination, and a week later an appointment with the surgeon to evaluate the implant and determine the date of activation.

I am a Covid-19 victim. The operation has been delayed a lot since October 2020, but I hope after all this that I will get excellent results.

Glad I am sharing the experience. I spent a lot of time here and learned from the experiences of many cochlear implants. I would like to share the experience of what I have learned and offer a different experience from the rest. I’ll try to focus on the things that a cochlear implant has not dealt with before here.

Lesson # 1: Don’t take a step without learning a lot about cochlear implants, reading a lot of their experiences, and then you decide.

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Congratulations and the best of luck.
Are you feeling ok? Dizziness, nausea or bad pain? These things will go away in a few days if they are bothering you.

Which implant did you go with? Which processor will you be using?

I only feel a pain in the head only in the ear side implant I hope things will continue for the better without cases emerging.

I chose to go ahead with a kanso 2 cochlear and use a resound HA on the other side, just worried that the magnets wouldn’t stick like in your case I hope that things go well.

Cochlear has been really good. If the Kanso 2 doesn’t hold now it might later, don’t give up hope. The Nucleus 7 might have to work for you until the K2 holds. Cochlear will switch processors out up until 3 months here in the states.

Do you have a cochlear representative helping you?

Which implant did you get? I got the CI612 implant.


thats my plan for it .

CI522 i read more for implant and i think most important it MRI and Ct scan

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Congratulations @Toti, wishing you all the very best on your journey. I’m happy to read you haven’t got any side effects from the surgery.
Did you get a 5 series implant? And not the newer 6 series?
What was you reason to go with the 5 series? I also have the 522, I got this before the 6 series came out. I’m also bimodal with GN Resound aid.
Fingers crossed you have a great activation day, keep us up to date with your journey.

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My understanding is that you will be able to use stronger processor magnets with this implant. The Kanso 2 should not be a problem holding.
Good luck with your healing and looking forward to hearing about your activation.

that mean its 5 series the best more than 6 series in stronger processor ?

yes only the first day some Little dizziness due to the effects of local anesthesia .

There is no specific answer it just was important MRI and CT scan it’s available.
and today already use the x-ray CT scan .

Is there a benefit? Can you speak the call well? Do you hear without lip language? Does the HA audiogram in the headphone reach 20 Hz or 30 Hz?

i will do it i feel, thanks piper i reading your journey and benefit more .

Update : Leave the hospital today in the morning

A surgeon came and saw the wound. There are no complications. everything is OK. He recommended that activation the processor next week March 8th, just 8 days after surgery. Amazing !!!

@Toti if you CAN have an MRI you have the new 6 series implant. I have the 5 series and CANNOT have a MRI unless I have the magnet removed.

Before my CI I really struggled to talk on the phone. I’d only catch every 3rd or 4th word. My binaural WRS was only at 33% At my last assessment my binaural WRS was 96%.

So to answer your question yes talking on the phone in bimodal mode is so easy. Speech streams directly to both ears and I don’t miss or have to guess at any parts of the conversation… I have an GN Enzo 3D, and I love it. I used to rely heavily on lip reading, even now with masks I don’t miss any conversation. Simply because I don’t need to read lips anymore.

Yes there’s a huge benefit to having a full bimodal system working well. Talking in a group of people is now easy. I struggle at a restaurant though where everything is echoing in the room. I use live listen on my iPhone in these situations though. As long as you have a good reliable BT on your phone it’s fantastic.

I struggle with the technology side of all this paraphernalia though. Simply because I’m old and wasn’t educated in technology at school or uni.

Onward and upward with your hearing journey. Lots of rehab and you will do very well. Good Luck.

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please see the link page 33 for C522 you can use MRI and ct scan and im asking to Cochelar specialist she gave me approval to make MRI and ct scan .

i like it so i’m like you ride now i will update my resound with kanso 2 how it make together with me .

The magnet in your implant will need to be removed to have MRI’s done.

This is a copy and paste from your Cochlear attachment.

CI522 cochlear implants and 1.5 T scans
• Surgically remove the implant magnet before MR scans at 1.5T.
Please refer to Removing the magnet in the Nucleus® CI522 cochlear implant with Slim Straight electrode - Physician’s Guide for more information.

i read before this info and today i use ct scan in 1.5 T and this info but essentially all, MRI-implants .

update information cochlear MRI :

Hello @Toti
congratulations for your surgery! It’s amazing to hear that you finally made it to get a CI implanted.

This is a great benefit hearing or listening binaural. You can reduce volume compared to listen with only one ear. This is even the case if you can’t understand anything with your hearing aid ear only.

Is this important to you? Previously I could hear frequencies down to 15Hz with my hearing aid. But this is not very useful because the sound pressure needs to be very high (even for normal hearing people). Now I am bilateral, i.e. I have no residual hearing any more. Frequencies down to 30 or even 20Hz you “hear” with your body most of the time.

Deaf_piper, in these cases you may want to remove your hearing aid (or even only shut it down and keep it in your ear inserted) to reduce low frequency noise.

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when the HA frequency down 15 Hz i think very high and Really annoying ! i think when all frequency it’s 30-25 HZ it’s good in HA you can call and listen without lip language. i have 3 frequency in 30 HA and 250 in 50 and 500 in 60 and 8k in 50 … I will work on improving it to 30 Hz. I don’t know why I am convinced, but the improvement in programming is very slow, but every 90 days I notice an improvement.

point for note @Raudrive and @Deaf_piper

The nucleus implants ( MRI ) Im asking the ENG. support cochlear the C5 he answer me


in the 1.5 T you didnt need removing the magnet in the C5 .

in the 3 T C5 you need only removing the magnet inside and the implants dont removing and after finishing the MRI 3 T back it the magnet inside and the your program it’s didn’t change ( mean mapping) he mean you didn’t need start again mapping . your programming it’s already save it .

In the 3 T C6
you didnt need removing the magnet in the C6

I hope the explain was clear .

@Toti you run a huge risk in the 5 series by having an MRI at any Tesla strength. If you are going to have an MRI with the 5 series you need to make sure you find an MRI department that have done a MRI on a CI recipient before. Simply because if the head wrap isn’t put on correctly your magnet will move, it’s excruciating when it do move.

An Aussie friend of mine, her magnet moved, even using the head wrap. I had to rush her to the hospital where our surgeon works. It was an emergency situation, my friend was in excruciating pain because the magnet had flipped during the MRI at 1.5 T.

I was meant to have an MRI last December. My CI surgeon said categorically “absolutely not,” He went on to say if my specialist demands you have one, you tell him to ring me…So I ended up having a CT scan instead.

Good luck if you definitely have a 5 series having a MRI…

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I think he did not remove the magnet to the MRI scan for save and the remove Magnet removal is simple and does not require surgery
، any why when i need it i will make MRI in my Cochlear surgery hospital .

Are you reading what you are posting?