The song is in wrong tone

I listen music from live concerts, radio, TV, Youtube etc.
I found most of the songs was not on the right tone.

However, after some seconds, I may catch the melody and the tone returns to

I think:
1 My hearing was bad that the frequencies I heard was shifted.
2 My brain may re-adjust it after I catch the melody.

Do you have similar experience?

I struggle greatly when I am listening to a new song, I usually have to listen to it over and over again before I can really comprehend whats going on. Whereas an older song that I am already familiar with is much easier to pick up on, mainly because I am already familiar with it. I am also aware of the fact that my normal listening program on my hearing aid will block out some of the notes or instrument of a song making the song sound odd, That is why my aids also have a seperate music program.

What surprise to me is that:
When we are familar of a melody, our brain will adjust the pitch even our ear hears the wrong pitch.
It explains:
1 Sometimes Mr. W say ABC, but I hear DEF. My brain just provides a guess to me
and the process may involve re-structure ABC to DEF.
2 Sometimes Mr. W say ABC, but I cannot hear the whole sentence. Then I have a new idea, and I told Mr. W that my idea, it was ABC indeed. What an embrassment!!
It means my brain analyses ABC, though it cannot 100% sure, it express it as a concept to me.
but it is similar to ABC

Like I said you might find that music sounds much more natural if you have a seperate music program set on you aids. I listen to my sons high school band and they sound great with the music program, although I can’t identify what song it is that they are playing.