The review excerpts in member profiles should link to the specific reviews


The issue is probably not in the forum software itself but in the main site’s software. Still, I figured this would be an appropriate venue to bring up the issue.

A few minutes ago, I clicked on a forum member’s avatar and then on their “Hearing Tracker Profile” link, which brings up the profile on the main site (by opposition to the profile on the forum) and saw that they had written a review about a hearing aid I’m interested in. The review is presented as an excerpt which as a “Read more” link at the end. You can see an example on this page.

(The example above was picked randomly. It is not the forum member I was looking at, but it works as an example of the problem.)

The problem is that the “Read More” link points to the page for the hearing aid instead of the specific review that the site member wrote. There’s already a link to the hearing aid to the left of the excerpt. So users who want to check out the aid by opposition to the review can do so easily. On the other hand, the location of “Read more” link at the very end of the excerpt suggests that it is there to allow reading more of this specific review but the link is not pointing to the right place to make that happen. It brings you to the top of the page for the aid and then you have to manually search through that page to try to find the review you’re actually interested in.



Good feedback @lemur! I will make it so you can expand the text on the user profile and then have the link read “read more reviews about this hearing aid” or something like that.


Expanding the text would be an improvement. I thought about it though and there’s one issue potentially remaining. When we’re on the page for the hearing aid, we can see under each review “report hide reply”. The “hide” button would be useless on the member’s page. However, “report” and “reply” might be useful. Sometimes some product reviews contain errors or omissions that can be addressed in a constructive reply, or something needs flagging right there and then. If the buttons are missing, I suspect a lot of people reading a review on the member’s page will not realize that they even could reply.

That’s why I was suggesting that “Read More” should link to the full review on the HA’s page. That would also show the buttons under the review. It might also entice the user to read more reviews and perhaps get an account and post their own.

Linking to the full review seems quite doable, but I realize I’m not the one implementing this and there may be a significant hurdle I’m not seeing. :grinning:


Please test this out again @lemur Member Profile | Bruce F.


Works perfectly! Thanks! :fireworks:


It seems a little buggy to me, but we can’t use the standard scroll to anchor functionality on that page since the comments are cached and loaded via ajax. Basically it is a little more technically challenging, but hopefully it will suffice. If anyone notices issues let me know and we can adjust it slightly to increase the chances of getting to the right review.


Agree that it’s a little buggy. One needs to be patient as what appears to be a macro does it’s thing. It’s certainly a BIG improvement.


I figured the page was just slow loading. If there’s a JavaScript search function that needs to locate the review and bring the user to it, I might add a spinner (and maybe a text like “Seeking the review” or something) that is turned on when the search function starts and is removed when it ends.