The Remarkable History of Right-Ear Advantage

Check it out: The Remarkable History of Right-Ear Advantage - Hearing Review


Interesting read. Thanks for posting. Oddly enough, I favor my left ear, even though there isn’t much difference in how well I hear. Could be that I am at least partially left handed, and naturally place the phone to my left ear. I can carry on a conversation using my right ear, but it doesn’t “feel” right for some reason, and I usually switch back to the left pretty quickly. I have no reason to doubt the research, I may just be an outlier.

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Most people hold phone to left ear with left hand because they are RIGHT handed and write w. right hand.

OTH - I write write handed and hold phone in left hand (as above) - but -
have worn a Bluetooth head set for about 10 years (whenever they first came out) and wear it on my right ear almost all day. Am on the phone a lot during business hours. BT headset fits right over HA w.o. a problem.

Strangely enough, I am also L Ear oriented for understanding, absorbing and processing information.

Even though my L ear hearing loss is greater than my R ear, I have always preferred listening to a phone with my L ear or with headset communication covering my L ear only as opposed to a headset covering my R ear only.

That includes 18 years sitting in an airliner with a headset covering only one ear (this enables the crew to speak to each other with the uncovered ears on the inside and monitor the radios with the outside ears covered with the headphone).

I generally tilt my head to the L as well!