The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect

I keep getting these, “message not delivered” warnings even though I believe my replies have gone through. I’m using Gmail on a Chromebook (Chrome OS).

Hmmmmm, what are you trying to accomplish? Send an email using Gmail?

Send a PM/Private Message from the forum instead.

If you’re trying to reply to a notification you get on gmail, you need to click on the link that gets you back to the webpage–says something like “to respond to this message, click here”

OK, thanks, I’ll make sure next time but I’m pretty sure I did last time.

Not sure if this is your issue? I get a gazillion notifications like this one below. It’s just a heads-up notification. Don’t try to respond to it. If your browser is already running you can click Visit Topic and that will get you where you need to be;

Thanks, I’ll just ignore it. I thought there might be something up with the forum.

Well maybe not ignore it. The notifications alert you to new posts on a topic of interest to you. That is, topics that you started, have posted on, have read, or maybe even other ways.

If you don’t agree that’s a good thing you can unsubscribe with one click.