The Positive Aspect of High Frequency Hearing Loss


My hearing loss is probably somewhat typical … more or less a steady decline from low frequencies to about 75 or 80 db down at 8 khz.

So without aids: The bad news is that some speech frequencies are so impacted that some speakers, notably soft speakers and those with good hearing (like my 13 and 7 yo granddaughters) are hard to hear reliably. The good news is that the high frequencies of walking across a hard surface and/or squeaky floor, crinkling paper, a flushing toilet and many other such high frequencies are heard much more softly, and, at least by me, not missed!

My 1 year old KS8’s are working fine. I had the Costco person drop the highs by about 6 db (I wanted to drop it more, but the CC person resisted). But even still, with the KS8’s cranked up to around where my loss would indicate, I still find the high frequencies’ common noise sources mentioned a pain in the ear … so I back off the gain a little or a lot. I just don’t like them always cranked up that far.

So for me … the KS8’s work fine and are helpful … but I still don’t like the loudness of these high frequency noise sources in order to get a modest improvement in speech recognition, compared to no aids. I find the five programs are not all that different and leave them in the ‘auto’ setting about 95% of the time. Perhaps I’m just a stuck-in-his-ways person resistant to change! (It woulldn’t be the first time!)

/Rant off!/



You will probably hear better if you get them up to target. Your brain will get used to the clanking dishes, crinkling paper noise.

You mentioned about being stuck in your ways and resistant to change, and that’s obviously a serious problem, so what do you think is the path forward to deal with that?



I had the same issue but I have been able to get use to it over time. I also love to hike, so I want to hear everything in nature that I can. My new aids really do help but not enough with my default program so when I go for my next appointment I am going to talk to my Audi about a special program just for listening to nature.



yes, my daily 30 to 40 minute walk … including through a small wooded area shows more birds than i thought previously due to more ‘tweeting’ heard … a plus!



Having had severe high frequency loss for quite some time, a lot of sounds that drive others mad, don’t affect me at all. The added highs produced by hearing aids only cause aggravation, and at the same time don’t help with speech recognition.