The Place Where They Talk About Us


Maybe because I’ve been visiting Audiology Online and maybe Audiology Online exchanges info with Facebook? I dunno?! Anyway, an ad about this restricted Facebook group came up on the right side as I was browsing around in Facebook. Says Closed Group with 13,200 members. Crazy. Hard to believe the number of members if it’s all HA providers.

@abram_bailey_aud Fess up! Are you a member of this Facebook group! And what about Dr. Cliff? Neville? Um_bongo, …


Yep, I’m a member. Don’t really hang around much in there!


I’m not really a facebook person.


My audiologist has mentioned this before. She has used it to help me, specifically to help me navigate using a stethoscope with my hearing aids. She got advice from other audiologists through it.


Well that site IS interesting! I wonder if my own aud-guy is a member. I shun all social media - like a cave woman. But I think it’s great that audis have sites pertinent to their interests. Oh boy, the tales my own guy could tell! He always greets me saying, “I’ll bring the wheelbarrow with your file in to the exam room now!”