The Oticon On App update

The Oticon ON app updated to 2.5. I see nothing new, the information says adding new aids and performance improvements.

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Great. I just updated and lost all my previous data, since March! Super.


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And I got all my data back that was missing yesterday. The servers in your area may be doing maintenance, like the ones in my area was yesterday. All my data is back even yesterday days

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I hope you’re right, Chuck. I’ve been using the usage data to demonstrate problems, like my demo aids not connecting to EduMic or ConnectClip, or battery issues cutting my day short.

It’s not particularly valuable, but I’d like to have it.

Did you lose your data when you updated, or did that happen independently?

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When I saw the hearing fitness data not working yesterday I knew we would get the update to the app soon. It has happened this way since I have been using the ON app. You should see your data back by tomorrow morning.

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Thanks for the information, Chuck @cvkemp!

But how come I have to find this out from you instead of getting a push notification? (No offense meant, Chuck.)

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To be honest Oticon sees their customers as the Audiologists that do the fittings, so yes Oticon shields itself from us the hearing aid users.

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@cvkemp: I never thought of it in those terms, Chuck, but I guess you’re right.

In that case, how are we supposed to make our opinions, feedback, and suggestions heard?

That is why I am in constant communication by email with my VA audiologist.

Why is that again, Chuck?

There are a number of reasons I stand in constant contact with my aids. The clinic refers Veterans to me so I can help with minor issues that don’t get covered in the clinic, connection issues normally and some questions I can answer as due to my years of hearing loss experiences. So I end up emailing the Veterans Audiologist back with my feedback. I have been told to let him know of any issues I have with my aids or I notice with the Veteran’s aids I deal with. And I receive emails from the Audiologist that sometimes is a reply from the hearing aid company’s rep. And your and others concerns about the MYMusic program has been noted and past to Oticon.

By the way my Audiologist didn’t know the app was updated until I told him. And commented about the hearing fitness possible issues

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I still don’t have my data back :-1:t2:.

My data wasn’t there all day yesterday, but all of it was back this morning including yesterday’s data. Be patient it should be there when you connect in the morning

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Okay, Chuck. But all my data since March has gone!

Jim patience I have data going back since they first enabled hearing fitness it was gone yesterday and back today.

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Okay. If you say so, Chuck. It’s not even showing yesterday on my phone - just today - like the past 7 1/2 months never existed!:pleading_face:

Just checked again. Still no data.

I have data back to May of 2020. When I got my OPNS1

Looks like there was an apple watch interface update as well but I can’t seem to get it to work as shown in the app store

My Apple Watch app is also different than the ones in the App Store

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Maybe the picture they have up is from an older UI and what we’re seeing is the current? Either way, what is pictured looks to have more features.