The occluded effect

Earlier this week I re-visited my audi because the receiver wire kept slipping out on the left side. I already had the largest open dome, so now I have tulip domes and longer wires. I can hear better because the receiver is deeper in the canal and is more or less stationary with the tulip dome. But, when I had tulip domes on both aids the occlusion effect drove me crazy. I went back to the open dome with anchors, but had the same problem with the receiver slipping out and I am now using the tulip dome on just the left ear and the open dome on the right ear. If I wear the tulip on the left side for 1-2 weeks and then replace the open dome on the right side with the tulip dome will that help me become accustomed the occluded effect or will the result be the same as placing tulips on both at the same time? Should I just put tulips on both aids and “suffer” for a week or two? My left canal is apparently a little large than the right and the larger open dome slips out on the left and even though the right doesn’t slip and I could get by with an open dome on the right I would prefer to the same dome on both aids.

can you get a micromold?
this should solve your problem
you need to have a 9mm straight canal

My audi mentioned something about an ear mold or micromold, but we didn’t get in to specifics because want to try the tulip domes first. I don’t understand your 9mm straight canal reference; just what is that? Will a micromold help with the occlusion?

in order to manufacture the micromold you need a straight 9mm canal
is the canal does not have 9mm a micromould can not be manufacture, it is my understanding.

With a micromould you can have a 4mm vent which is almost like an open fit.

So, my ear canal needs to be straight and 9MM deep?

Jbobp, what size open fit domes are you using now?

I had the same problem with the domes backing out of my ears using the 7mm open domes that came with my Audeos. I’ve tried everything available

custom molds
closed domes
10mm open dome

The occlusion from the custom molds drove me crazy and I only lasted 2 1/2 days wearing them. I would have liked to have them work out because they elimated feedback completely.

The closed domes were too big to get past the opening of my ear canal.

The tulip domes were a difficult and took too much time to put in my ears. I have small ear canals from swimmers ears.

The 10mm open domes work like a charm. They fit snuggly in my ears and don’t occlude. I don’t have a problem with them backing, except sometimes after eating and even then they don’t back out as much as the 7mm domes did.


yes, this is what i was told

I’m not sure of the MM size, but my audi told me they were the largest open domes (10MM?) and that’s why she suggested the tulips. On the right the open dome works well and I could just stay with the open dome on the right side, but I feel unbalanced with two different domes, although, it may be easier to get accustomed to different domes than the occlusion. Currently I have the tulip in my left ear with an anchor and it still backs out; it isn’t much but I do push the receiver in occasionally.

Are there different sizes of tulip domes? Or is a micromold the next step?

Are the custom molds and the micromold the same thing?

Thanks. I don’t think that will be a problem.

The custom mold and the micromold are the same thing for my Phonak’s. I attached a screenshot of dome types and sizes (not pictures unfortunately).

As I look at it, I don’t think I tried the closed domes, I tried the double domes and they look like they were larges. As comfortable as the open dome are, I would like to find comfort and feedback reduction in a slightly more occlusive dome.

What exactly is a closed dome? Is it the same size and material as the open dome only solid?


I did some research and the closed dome is the same thing as the tulip dome.


Thanks for the info. What website is the screenshot from?

Thank you!

I’m getting a custom mold on the left side. The right side is perfect with the large open dome an never moves, but it’s a custom for the left.

After my post above I decided to give the tulip domes another try. They aren’t quite as comfortable as the open’s, but they are getting easier to put in my ears.

The tulips domes have reduced the feedback to almost nothing and the occlusion isn’t near as bad as with the micro earmold.

There is a big increase in volume using the tulip domes vs. the open domes. I like that because feedback kept me from being able to raise the volume when using the open domes.


Glad the tulips are working for you. The tulip was better for me, but it still won’t stay in place.

When do you get feedback with the tulip; when you cover your ears?

Yes, but I have to hold my hands flat against my ears to make it happen. If I just cup my hands over my ears it doesn’t cause feedback.