The magic of technology


The software and connectivity is available to program aids yourself for many makes and models.


I like bats a lot. Fantastically interesting auditory strategies. They are really quite cute, too.

But health Canada recommends getting vaccinated for rabies if you even wake up and one has been in your house. At least it’s not 50 injections into the stomach anymore, but it is still four big ones in the gluteus and ten in the arm. Australia is rabies-free, right?


So that module’s aimed at users doing their own programming? Does Oticon officially make the software, etc, available to end users? I have read here about people doing it themselves, but assumed they had somehow acquired the means to do it through unofficial channels.


The software and connectivity don’t need to be “official”. They’re just available. Not pirated. Not copied. Not illegal.
The wired or wireless connectivity is openly available for purchase. The software is a little more buried but still available without guilt.
Note my use of the term “many”. Not all. Read up in the DIY section here.


Yes, but there are two other diseases here that you can catch from flying foxes. The advice is not to handle them.


One is the Lyssavirus which is very rare. It’s a rabies like virus. The other is the Hendra Virus which is also very rare in humans. Of recent times a few horses have come down with this Hendra virus after coming into contact with flying foxes as we call them.


I am from Brisbane and the flying foxes love the big old tree outside my daughters school. At sunset they are loud and watch out for those droppings! I don’t park there at sundown after having to find a night time car wash the last time. They are protected so there is nothing you can do if they take over your suburb - just don’t be under a tree. The other noisy ones here are the lorikeets. They are very loud. They love the trees near my daughter’s former dance school.


Thanks for your post. Sounds like the Audi increased the frequency compression for you. Did he/she say at what frequency the compression starts? Does that make things sound strange, or artificial or weird to you?

Thanks for your feedback! Nick