The LIKE Button Has Disappeared With The Forum Upgrade Today 7/9/2020

Doesn’t matter whether I am using browser dark or light theme, HT forum dark or light theme. I can no longer see the LIKE button/icon but if I mouse over it, it is there. Existing Likes still show up but the icon is not visible for posts that one has not yet Liked. Since I enjoy supporting good posts with a Like and am always curious to see how many have liked a post (and who has done so, upon occasion), I hope there is an easy fix.

P.S. Lack of visibility occurs both for Google Chrome and my preferred browser, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

P.P.S. I’m also running Windows 10 Pro with system settings set to DARK if that has anything to do with it and I’m using a new computer with an nVidia RTX graphics card.


Knowing where it is helps but invisible otherwise.
This is on an iPad.

Thanks, we are looking into it.


Also gone, I think, on the mobile app is the line separating the old threads that haven’t had a new post and the ones that have since my last visit. It also showed, in blue, how many threads had new posts since last visit.

I disabled the custom thumbs-up like button and went back to the default (heart button), but will figure out how to re-enable the thumbs up and come back to it.


Will look into it …


The audiogram plugin we wrote is also malfunctioning. Sorry, give us a little time to address.

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The blue shade at the top saying how many new posts is now working.


Thumbs are back :slight_smile:


I just clicked the ThumbsUp icon on your post about No Like Button and it filled in red. Isn’t that the Like Button? Maybe they fixed it.


This was mentioned above for the mobile app, but also when using the Chrome browser on Windows 10, the line which separated threads in a forum seen on my last visit from those more recently updated is no longer present.

Turns out it’s a bug, and we’ll get the forum upgraded again, when possible. Orange last visit marker dissapeared - bug - Discourse Meta