The Great Gun Debate


You would change your mind after Japan in 41 defeated your flimsy military and occupied your land without the help of a strong US. Good luck on your own today if attacked. No enemy in their right mind would try that here in the US.

And to all the rebuttals happening now after being insulted for your ignorance good night.


The supposed story of stopping a mugger took place in 1991, not 1989, and since there was no police report much of what happened can’t be confirmed or denied. From doing a Fact Check this is what is said about the incident.

“The public record of the incident all stems from a single report, and even that account was contradictory about exactly what took place. One named witness asserted that the would-be mugger had already run off by the time Trump exited his limo, and the billionaire did nothing more than join a crowd of onlookers after the fact. Another anonymous witness supported Trump’s account, maintaining that the bat-wielder had apparently dropped his weapon in response to the billionaire’s verbally confronting him. Local police said they could provide no information about what transpired, as the incident wasn’t reported to them.”


I suggest you go back and reread the history of WWII especially the part about the war in the South Pacific. If you don’t want to do it, let me tell you, Japan never defeated the Australian army and they never occupied the country during the war. Look it up, it’s in the history books.

  1. Your post was insulting to a trusted ally who have been the first to volunteer to join in military ventures with the US.
  2. The discussion was about the need for semi-automatic weapons and you implied that you needed them because your government could not be trusted and you might have to use them against your government.
  3. Australia joined the military effort in Europe in WW11 even before the US and your and our military have fought alongside each other. If you want to call our military flimsy then I suggest you ask your own military who have worked beside ours and see what they say. By the way - Australia has about 24 million people and the US has about 350 million this makes your comments look a lot like those which come from a bully.


I feel that I should probably apologize to @TexasBob. Many other posts in this thread have been of the insulting type so…sorry to single you out.


Gettin’ nasty. Shut 'er down please.


Quite correct Seb - the only part of our mainland they bombed was Darwin and they managed to sneak a couple of small micro-submarines into Sydney Harbour, which were sunk. They did land a small group of 4 in the Kimberly with a fishing boat, found nothing there and went home again and did not return.


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A hearing aid forum that generates 169 responses regarding guns…
And we ban those who sell their hearing related products…
What is the real goal here!!!


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Yes, it always amazes me about peoples lack of knowledge regarding history. Australia already had soldiers in harms way two years before Pearl Harbor and they also had some of the best coast watchers in WWII who let the allies know where and what the Japanese were doing in much of the South Pacific, without them who knows how long the war would of lasted.

As to the Great Gun Debate and history It’s no wonder we never learn and keep doing the same thing over and over. Here in the U.S. we continue to have these mass shootings and the government who is owned by the NRA just keeps saying it’s to soon to talk about changing the laws regarding gun control and sadly it will probably take the deaths of some of Congress’s kids in one of these shootings before something gets done and then because Congress spends half it’s time trying to get re elected and is constantly fund raising and with the NRA being one of their big donors, the more they toe the line and give the NRA what they want, the more money they get, so I’m not sure even having their own kids in one of these shootings will do the trick. As the Donald would say, SAD!


Aye, before more of us show how foolish we can be.


People who sell products aren’t banned unless they spam users outside of the online sellers area.


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Well…since it appears we’re adding on…
alpine1: I agree with your comparing the two kinds of activities here and wondering wtf.
On the one hand, I don’t mind seeing any and all topics. if I’m not interested in one then I simply don’t read it. Others might be interested in it though. Who am I to say no you can’t be enjoying that other topic that I don’t care about.
On the other hand I agree with your questioning why we ban actual related information but not completely polarized kinds of topics where no one will concede any inch of their standpoint ad infinitum.
I’m of the opinion that hearing related product sellers should be able to present their wares here and let it be known…within some arbitrary level called “reason”. Others don’t.
As for the goal…my opinion would be that it’s to provide a place for hearing impaired people to share stories and information and if things wander off then so be it. That’s how it works in the real world (oops there’s that original topic title that KenP started). The conversation flows along…not rigidly sticking to just that topic and only that topic.
I’m good with the former.


I believe the topic was moved to Social, so it’s not like it has to be related in anyway to HA’s.


See my comment above. This isn’t actually prohibited, just restricted to online sellers category. There was a time when every thread in every category eventually ended up being a veiled sales pitch by one seller or another, or multiple. I received multiple complaints via PM, and decided to take action. To be honest, I much prefer the spam free version of the forum… I know this is off topic, but just wanted to clarify, again.


Abram: I know. I’ve been here a little while too (certainly not as long as many here still participating). It’s just my opinion. One voice of many. Again.