The Great Gun Debate


I’m betting in the end Trump will do as he is told by Wayne LaPierre.

For the moment Trump is backing the “Fixed NICS Act” which strengthens background checks. It would reinforce the requirement that federal agencies report all infractions to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, and creates a financial incentive for states to do so as well.

However, The NRA-backed bill, called the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” which passed the House in December and would allow anyone who can carry a concealed gun in one state to carry a concealed gun in another—essentially turning “the weakest state’s laws into nationwide laws,” is what is favored by House Speaker Paul Ryan. He wants to combine the 2 bills into one to improve the chance of passing.

So which one do you think is going to win? I betting the on the one that loosens gun laws, and stomps on State’s rights will prevail. Which is funny to me because Republican lawmakers are always touting state’s rights as sacrosanct.

The good news if that bill passed and moves up to the Senate it will never get the 60 votes it will need in order to pass.

Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly take even the small victory of the current Fix NICS bill over nothing.


Very good. Trump will win. The President has done more on this issue than any, the democrats know it and that trump is a builder. Its a big election year… IMO Any hint that this will help the president and the republicans this fall the dems will cower and nothing will get passed. Like Daca.


Really? What has Trump done on this issue? What has Trump done at all? All he has done since being in office is undo Obama’s EO’s by issuing his own EO’s that canceled them. His only claim to getting anything done is the passing of the Tax bill of which 62% went to his wealthy peers. It was supposed to be about the middle class not the rich.

Trump is all talk so far. He was all over getting DACA passed during his White House meeting with both parties. “Bring me a bill and I’ll sign it and take all the heat” They brought him a bill and he reneged. He was even in favor of a standalone DACA bill for about an hour.

Trump hasn’t done squat on this issue.
By the way, who’s going to pay for the Wall?


200wNo Daca bill got to the presidents desk. Turn off the leftist whinning MSM. The President accomplished 2/3 of his agenda in one year. Outstanding. After 8 years the US will surely be MAGA. You’ve be bunked. the Mexicans will pay for the wall indirectly as intended.


You’re right, my bad. They brought him a proposal the next day and it was an immigration proposal, not just DACA He reneged before it could make it to a bill.

That is pure BS. What has he accomplished? Give specifics that are verifiable. You can quote Fox and Friends or Sean Hannity all you like and it won’t be more than Fake News. He hasn’t accomplished anything but make us the laughing stock of the world.

His whole administration is crumbling around him.




Hey youse guys are getting off topic. Maybe we could move this to the six o’clock video entertainment shows. Though you would have to adhere to a different format, (15 minutes of bashing Trump, 14 minutes of commercials, and one minute devoted to a cheerful human interest story). Repeat format daily.


and yet…his administration gets stronger


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In 1989 he had his limo driver stop the car so he could run out and stop a mugger on the sidewalk without a gun. look it up. The point of the matter tho… they were talking about the police officers that did not go in (for whatever reasons) while they heard shooting in the school. Stay with the subject and object and use a little intel instead of watching leftist MSM destroy character.


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Again, those are a list of Executive Orders and the Tax Bill. The EO’s are a big nothing and take no more than an aide to write them up and the President to sign them.

The crumbling administration continues. Hope Hicks just quit and after only one day of giving her eight-hour testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

No I won’t look it up. Nor do I believe it happened. You provide a link so we can all see your proof.

It’s probably better we discontinue this line of discussion. You obviously prefer Fox over Facts.
Here are a couple of links to fact finding sites for political information.


That’s what he does every day! The man has no ideas, he’s told by his handlers what to say. Just look at the pictures of the 3x5 card in his hand that was taken when he met the HS students from Florida. The card was hand written and basically he said word for word what was on the card and nothing more.


The way they do it is by blocking any legislation through their lobbying efforts or campaign contributions to members of Congress that will add to the background checks or ban any weapons or add on to guns. Yes, some of the people in the NRA are good people, but if you think the primary mission of the NRA is to promote firearm safety you haven’t been paying attention to what the leaders of the NRA have been doing for the past 30 plus years.

“The NRA’s mission statement, summarized from its bylaws, is: “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use arms.” The statement also includes a focus on promoting public safety, training in the safe and efficient handling of small arms, hunter safety, and shooting sport promotion.”

They could care less how many innocent people are shot and wounded or killed by guns as long as their members can buy whatever weapon they want. This is the reason I resigned my membership in the organization.

Any idea why guns are not allowed at any NRA conventions?


I have not changed my mind. I think the USA has a situation brewing between perceptions of public safety and individual rights, guns just happen to be at the center of the issue. I think they need deal with the issues.

OTOH my perception and knowledge base have changed as a result of reading this thread and doing my own research. That has given me a great appreciation of the complexities involved. It ain’t going to be easy.

Wikipedia disagrees AR-15 style rifle - Wikipedia

There are an estimated 10-12 million in circulation in the United States.


So is this what you think of YOUR democratically elected government? Do you still think you need guns to overthrow your own government if needed - which is I believe the original reason for your second amendment. If so I would think your government would be rushing to bring in gun control.


Wow, I would suggest watching something other than Fox News or OAN. The only thing he got through Congress was the tax cut and in time it will be a disaster. Anything else was done by Executive Order and even some of those have been struck down by the courts.