The Great Gun Debate


Nope. Didn’t learn any of that in any of my history classes in Canada. (That I recall :slight_smile: )
So. Great. Terrific. Self-declared. Wonderful. Gee thanks Truman. </sarc I know my relatives of the time didn’t vote for you or that imposition.





Sadly, the United States Government on the federal level stopped being the government of the people, by the people a number of years ago. Today, it is the government of the rich by the rich and it is the lobbyists and pacs who actually control the government. Perhaps the kids who have been affected by the school shootings and 4 million will reach voting age by November 2018, will be able to affect the change that is sorely needed by voting these bought and paid politicians out of office and vote in people who will actually be there for the citizens of the United States. Our forefathers are surely rolling in their graves with what has happened to their grand plan.


Why is Hitler pictured?


Sorry didn’t mean to imply any attachment to you and I’m sure others would think the same. Thought it important to the discussion overall.


This is how history becomes non historical or blurred, and it happens when someone puts something on a plaque that says something that the person quoted never said and people believe it as gospel. The first ten words (“a free people ought not only be armed and disciplined”) were said during President George Washingtons annual address to the Senate and House of Representatives on 8 January 1790, however, the following words following Disciplined were not. What he did say was: “a free people ought not only be armed and disciplined to which end a Uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies."

As I said earlier in this thread, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


But why did you put Hitler in the pictures you provided?



Sorry, I didn’t see that you were from Canada. Read the link I provided and it will explain how it happened.



I wasn’t just talking about guns!


Thanks. Yup. Read the link (as much as I cared) and responded with my sarcasm.


Thank you for the clarification and then after this happens, the gun lobby gives these people the ability to carry out their carnage.





Grrrrr, Hahaha J/K…


As a gun owner, CCP holder etc. I have come to the conclusion over the years that APPROPRIATE gun laws DO work effectively in our US of A.
But they need to be supply side laws/regulations and not ineffective demand side (criminal) laws.

One only has to look at the National Firearms Act of 1934 which effectively banned Machine Guns, which were legal until then.
How many “intentional” machine gun deaths are you aware of during your lifetime? (Not the accidental ones in Las Vegas).

I would propose that we do the same for all firearms which don’t require a “human action” to load the next round - meaning that semiautomatics are restricted without a Federal permit, but revolvers, pump actions, bolt actions to name a few are still available to general public.

These types of firearms are more than adequate for hunting, target shooting, certainly self defense and would greatly reducing the carnage by bad or good guy (bought legally) with a gun when he is having a bad week…

Gun are designed for one singular purpose - to kill (the exception is competition target shooting firearms).
They have evolved to be highly effective at that task,and the gun is unaware if it is firing at a bad guy, good guy, a child or hunted animal.

In general guns need to be treated like cars and licensed drivers - as a straw-man:

  1. Title issued, recorded and transferred with each gun sale - both private and commercial sales - just like car
  2. Annual gun license and fee - just like car
  3. Gun owners and users need a license and annual mental health/medication exam and a short on-line gun safety review to renew their annual permit (like a DOT driver or FAA pilot exam).
  4. Gun owner must have gun insurance (just like for cars) which covers legal fees for the owner if used for self defense and provides medical/liability/death benefits for people shot accidentally.
  5. If gun is reported stolen then owner has no liability if it was properly stored when stolen, if not stored properly (left on front seat?) then shared culpability.
  6. If a minor is injured/killed with a gun under their control then owner or the user is liable at a felony level.

This hopefully will reduce the number of guns (do I really need 12 - no…) available to be stolen and on the black market, allow people that want or need guns to have them, promote gun safety awareness by annual renewal, identify potential mental health issues early, provide financial remuneration to those injured by AD, and the system would be paid for by the annual license/registration fees so no additional tax burden.


The President is doing all he can this . Another meeting in the white house.


In recent days no, 45 has backtracked from some of his original proposals. On Fox’s Jeanine Pirro"s show he said: “I think we’re going to have a great bill put forward, very soon, having to do with background checks, having to do with getting rid of certain things, and keeping other things, and perhaps we’ll do something on age.” At the Governors Ball in Washington he became more vague about the subject: “I think we’ll make that first on our list, because we have to end our country of what’s happening with respect to that subject,” Trump said. “So we’ll be talking about that and many other things.” So it’s clear he may want to do something about guns, but he clearly has no idea what he want’s to do because the NRA hasn’t told him what they want him to do yet!


How does the gun lobby give these people the ability to carry out their carnage? The NRA are good people, members are law abiding and do not promote guns in that way plus, they educate firearm safety and help in many other ways even school security. Its members give the NRA funds to lobby against the leftist who want to if given the opportunity, will remove the rights of americans absent of a constitutional amendment.
First thing that should be done is remove those conspicuous gun free zone signs down.


You want the President to read of script of all the ideas at every appearance?