The Great Gun Debate



My point on Belfast was that strict gun laws cannot suppress getting guns into the hands of those who seek them.

Blacks gained full citizenship in the emancipation act of 1863. It was corrupt laws and governments that required later action and an example of how laws in a democracy can be corrupted. England did the same in 1833 but its businesses continued gathering and selling us slave. I don’t see a moral high ground for you or us. It is also an example of changing the discussion to attempt to denigrate one’s opposition – points off in an actual debate.

BTW, for one engaging in slaughtering children in a confined area, neither “Assault Rifles” or pistols are as efficient as a shotgun and nobody seeks to eliminate sporting guns. It is an example of rhetoric and gun laws not solving a totally different problem.


I think I am the guilty party. I changed it from a 1 to a 2 – more on hope than anything else. It moved it to 1.13 at the time. Downhill since. :slight_smile:


The “AR” in AR 15 does not mean assault rifle. Its a single shot rifle and fires a .22 caliber round which is not a military weapons grade round. It just looks like a assault rifle. Granted it has a standard large capacity clip but those clips are large and bulky to carry.
A handgun is also semi auto like the AR 15 rifle and also has a clip with many rounds, But those clips can be exchanged in less than two seconds and many clips can be carried concealed in your pockets including the weapon itself.
The United States is not a walled city. Enemies foreign and domestic would very much love to see our country disarmed both military and for private citizens. Without the World’s policeman the United States by your side protecting you, many countries would reconsider their views on lawful private gun ownership because your enemies are our enemies. Evil abides and they your enemies, won’t stop until you are subjugated.


My point related to the maturity of your legislature and subsequent ability to enforce the laws as enshrined. Nothing to do with point scoring or denigrating the US structure, but if you have individual state legislatures that contradict your federal law at least in spirit, you’re not going to see the local will to modify an issue that may not be directly or apparently affecting the area. Nothing to do with slavery, I was on about the position on segregation which existed well into the 1960s.

When you have such a polarised structure between the Red and Blue states, the fact that the industry is allowed to lobby your law makers and a culture based on fear of the unknown, then I’m guessing that political maturity will take time to overcome the intrinsic resistance.

Just for the record, I’m not saying your system is wrong, I’m saying that the democratic process works slightly differently here with the concept of the greater good often overriding tribal allegiances.


You lost me. In one place you seem to be saying the AR 15 is a single shot and then later imply (when compared to semi auto handguns) that it is semi auto.


The AR stands for Armalite Rifle, the company who first developed the AR-15 and M-16.


@abram_bailey_aud So they go to Cabela’s or another shop. PR total PR. Especially with a reported million of them already out there.

Historical fact – maybe even interesting.
In high school I got a catalog from a company that was about an inch and a half thick. It sold what was the true Assault Rifles of the day – war surplus. I recall them being as low as $8. This was the same mail order company that sold the Mannlicher–Carcano that assassinated President Kennedy. The genie has been out of the bottle a long time.


OK, you sound really paranoid to me. Scary paranoid. I’m more worried about someone that thinks like you, than I am an about, “Enemies foreign and domestic” that want me “subjugated”.


Press the trigger. One shot. Press the trigger again and hold, one shot.


Apparently you have not lived long or have not been taught history.


We had a cold war between 1945 and 1989. Both sides upgraded their weapons with each upgrade of the other’s weapon-depot. Clever!



Sorry, I misquoted here, so edited.


I’m aware of the difference between semi auto and full auto. However, single shot means that the weapon will only hold one round. I think “both sides” are sloppy with their terms.


I’m glad you pointed that out because, not long ago, I was reminded that we are very lucky the US is between Canada and Cuba


Maybe you’d also like to chip in on the intel we’ve shared about the activity of extremists that you didn’t have on your own. Lucky! Cheap but lucky.

And why are either of you expanding the discussion? Things are getting silly. It at the point of trading barbs.


I don’t recall any mention of any kind of referendum back in the day when somehow the US became the de facto “policeman” of the world.
Some conspiracy-theorists bleat on about new world order. So I guess they’re fine with that particular world order.


Now we’re knocking semantics. That’s never been a hallmark of forum excellence in any thread. Authors have editors; forum posters pray they provide sufficient clarity.

Nit picking?


You call me silly and you suggest mate swapping in a gun debate?