The Great Gun Debate


I respect Australia. You are our buddies and vice versa. Don’t change the subject. We were talking about the past concerning guns which I brought up. If your country was invaded and your military was over whelmed or the politic within threatened you freedom. Please stop pivoting.


Rasmussen compiles results from respondents who state that they are likely to vote, while Gallup for example conducts a random survey of Americans. Some analysts consider Rasmussen’s model to be more accurate, since it weeds out respondents who have no intention of voting, and may not be politically saavy enough decide whether or not they approve of the president.
Gallup Stopped daily tracking but others continue on. Some of which have been known to oversample one group over another in the case of CNN for example.
Ras have consistently given the President poll numbers in the mid forties since this time last year. Lets not digress.


Actually it was the German scientists who ended the war in the Pacific by migrating to the US and developing the nuclear weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It was not a bunch of American civilians with semi-automatic weapons so it has nothing to do with the gun debate. No one is suggesting that the military be denied whatever weapons their government decrees necessary.


Does not sound like you respect Australia - sounds more like contempt because we have a smaller population, less military “might” and don’t have the same view on guns.


So I guess your in favor of arming the teachers and hardening the schools in the US with bullet proof glass/ reinforced bullet proof doors, etc. Do you know what this is going to do to the national debt which is already skyrocketing do to Trumps tax cut.

With almost 250,000 public and private schools in the United States the cost of bullet proof glass alone will cost between $25 to $100 per square foot and that doesn’t include installation. In 2014, dollars the projected cost of doing the job was over a million dollars and would take on average 4 to 8 weeks to complete. So using the 2014, numbers it would cost $250,000,000,000 to put bullet proof glass in every school in the United States, tack on the cost for the bullet proof doors and you can probably add a few more zeroes to that total. Also when all this is done what is to keep one of these gun totting wacko’s from just shooting the kids while they are coming or going home or outside at lunch, etc.

Now lets get to arming the teachers. First off how many need to be armed? Will they be armed at all times? Where will they keep their weapons when not on duty? If we go with #45’s plan of 20% than a very conservative number would be 20 armed teachers per school. Who is going to pay for their training, who is going to buy the guns and who will pay them the extra money they will get for providing “security” for the school? This too will cost the taxpayers probably hundreds of millions of dollars.

Can you now see how nuts this plan is? Since the NRA keeps saying they want to keep the guns out of the wackos hands, but don’t want any further regulations enacted to keep this from happening then perhaps they (the NRA) can pay for it instead of using their money for buying influence in Washington.


You answered it for me when you said that Rasmussen uses respondents and Gallop conducts random surveys. The key word here is random! Thank you!


Sorry, I’m as American as you are! I have never been to Australia, I just happen to know history.


I think I hit a nerve with a few. I guess I was successful. they are obsessed with making things up or pivoting to unrelated issues for the sake of scoring points. Not worthy of my time. Good night again.


Sorry, but the atomic bombs didn’t really end the war in the Pacific they just sped up the Japanese governments willingness to surrender before an invasion of their islands.


Sorry for the sudden shutdown. I’m getting multiple messages asking me to shut this down. I guess experiment failed everyone. Maybe we need a new category called “Debates” where we can hide it from the front page. People were getting very annoyed about this topic and it was at the top of the forum in people’s faces for long enough. Sorry to those who wanted to continue.