The Google Pixel & Pixel 2 will support Bluetooth Hearing Aids on Android P


It might be my Compilot(s), I don’t get much more than 15-20’ with either the II or Air II using the TVlink. Granted the TV connection is better than the phone. Maybe a new phone is worth trying.


I currently use Halo 2 hearing aids from Starkey (made for Iphone). These devices are technically equipped with BLE and NFMI (2.4 GHz). With my Galaxy S8 on Android V.8. I use the Trulink app from Starkey. The devices are normally recognized as Bluetooth devices and you can pair them normally like other Bluetooth devices. In the Truelink app I can control various options and create different listening profiles. The ringtone from the smartphone during calls is also transmitted. This means that the connection via BLE works today even with Android V.8. What is missing is the audio connection (telephone, music, TV …). The Starkey Halo 2 devices will definitely work with Android V.9. and Google Pixel, or Pixel 2 Smartphone offer all integrative functions, as is currently the case with an Iphone. However, whether Samsung realizes the implementation (apart from native BLE), for example, will be seen. So it will be with every manufacturer and its high-end devices.


In forgot to mention:


The lime green colored pic shows the person authoring the commit (support) for aids.

He is Stanley Tng.

Maybe @abram_bailey_aud or his hardware guy can get something from Mr. Tng to post here.

Google phones that will support it: Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2
The Pixel used is on ebay for under $200.


About two weeks ago, I asked Mishaal Rahman to write a statement on the xda platform. I found it interesting to note the context in the attached screenshots. I will definitely not switch my S8 smartphone to Google Pixel devices (produced by HTC and LG). When the time comes, I will contact Samsung. I think they will be interested in commercializing this unique selling point as an integration.


I have a Pixel 2, so am watching all of this with great interest, as I said on another thread. It’s also time for me to buy new HAs, since my current ones are from 2012 and don’t have BT at all. Would love to get some clarity on all of this as I decide on which HAs to go with.