The dog ate an Oticon Delta, Chapter 2

Last month I posted the problem and here is the resolution:

I bought the Deltas from Audi A. Eventually I moved to stronger aids and gave the Deltas to a new user, my husband. He had them programmed by Audi B who is associated with our ENT doctor. By then Deltas had been replaced by other models and Audi A closed his practice and retired.

Then the dog incident, an I-told-you-so moment.
We bought another pair (didn’t notice a lot of singles!) on Ebay sold as used/demo. The seller seems professional and honest.

Audi B hearing the word “internet” refused to program one of the replacements. I don’t get it. He did not sell the originals and would not lose a sale now since Oticon no longer makes the Delta. Is this a common attitude? Over $800 is gone and we are worried!

After a bit of hand wringing we got in touch with Audi C who happily programmed the Ebay aids for a much lower cost than Audi B and did a better job too.

If there are any lessons to be learned here I don’t know what they are. I don’t even know who’s to blame, the pup or the spouse.

Get a dry n store and when the hearing aids aren’t in you and your husbands ears put them in the D & S the dog shouldn’t be able to open it.

That very true. I had a dog and I only ever leave them in my dry and store zephyr.

You and I know how to store hearing aids! The Ebay seller sent an insert “10 things you should know”; at the top of his list, #1, was Pets Like to Eat Hearing Aids. My husband however has other sterling qualities besides hearing-aid common sense, and is, in fact, a math genius.

A friend has another story: his mom put hers in the microwave to dry them!

We should start a collection…

A friend of mine has lost so many HA’s over the 10-12 years he’s been wearing them: one pair he forgot in a hotel room in Chicago and when he realized it at the airport he went back to the hotel and someone had taken them, he stepped on and crushed 2 or 3 of them, his old dog ate one pair, he lost one out the window while driving on the freeway and he dove into the pool with both HA’s in his ears. The ones that went into the pool he thought were toast but I told him to remove the batteries, open the battery doors and put them into uncooked rice for a few days and when he tried them a few days later they worked again. If there is someone who should not wear hearing aids it is this guy! He now gets his HA’s from the VA.

…and is personally responsible for the VA’s budget deaf-icit?

He’s still on his first pair of HA’s from them, so far, so good.

Never heard of these before, I’ll certainly get one now, thanks from this newbe.

He also has a rider on his home owners insurance to cover his HA’s and he’s not afraid to USE IT!