The Difference between Savia and Savia ART?

What would be the advantages of using CRT compared to regular MicroSavia ART?

I called Phonak Switzerland directly today, and she didn’t have a clue to what are the difference between both, nor the pros, cons, as well as price differences. She said both should technically sound the same.

She asked me to look up more information on the internet. :frowning:

I assume this is the answer by reading the forum:
CRT – the ideal solution for power users
The receiver is separated from the microphone and is placed in the ear canal. The microphone sits in the ultra small housing behind the ear. The sound is transmitted electronically through a special tube. This clever CRT-design results in:
• Naturally increased gain and output
• Smooth frequency response
• Broadband frequency response
• Feedback virtually eliminated
• Reduced occlusion

You got it!

Also we have greater insertion gain or less insertion loss when you place the sound source closer to the eardrum.

Just went to an Audiologist today to do an audiogram and apparently CRT didn’t have enough power to for my right ear.
Right Ear:
125 - 20dB
250 - 30dB
500 - 35dB
1K - 45dB
2K - 50dB
3K - 75dB
4K - 75dB
8K - 75dB

Left Ear:
125 - 20dB
250 - 25dB
500 - 30dB
1K - 45dB
2K - 55dB
3K - 55dB
4K - 70dB
8K - 75dB

They didn’t have both Savia ART nor CRT in stock. The stock is scheduled to be available within a month. They would contact me for 2 weeks trial when it’a available.

I AM SO HAPPY!! I just received my Savia Art CRT dSZ TODAY. Coming from Siemens Acuris Life, I can say that SAVIA ART CRT DSZ BEATS MY SIEMENS HANDS DOWN! The sound is much less digital, very milky smooth, very warm aka musical. Audiophiles characterize the sound of Savia Art CRT to be more Tubey sounding, as opposed to Siemens Acuris Life which is more Transistor sounding. I find Siemens to sound harsher in comparison.
The Savia Art CRT also sounds more open when being compared to the Siemens. I’m not entirely sure whether this is due to the Real Ear Sound Design. The noise suppression is great, and the auto seems to work seemlessly so far. I don’t need the use of any remote for program switching so far. SoundRelax is very helpful in most occassions.

The only area that still needs improving in my opinion is the NoWhistle Technology - I wouldn’t say that Savia Art deserves no Feedback/no whistle crown. I have to really set the feedback program to Strong in order to minimize/eliminate feedback entirely. I didn’t find similar problems with Siemens Acuris Life. Don’t get me wrong, Savia Art is still very very good in managing feedback.

My settings:
Program 1:Calm Situation with Light Feedback Canceller
Program 2:Noise in Speech with Moderate Feedback Canceller
Program 3:Noise environment with Strong Feedback Canceller.
Program 4:Music FM+M with Off Feedback Canceller.
The Savia Art is also set to Comfort option.


Yes, they are great hearing aids and I am glad you are doing well with them.