The cost of new shell/ear molds?

I was offered 2 widex in the ear hearing aids for a very good price. But if they don’t fit what will be the cost to re-shell them?? Has anyone done this?? Bob

If they are made for someone else then Widex will not recase them unless the professional sending it in agrees to deceive Widex by not telling them they are for another person. You can send them to an off-label company for remake, but again you will have to find a professional willing to do this. This will be the only option if you want to change the registration of them to your name, and you will never be able to send them into Widex for repair because they will permanently be registered to whomever you purchased them from.

Re-casing of hearing aids when they are out of their original manufacturer warranty is usually about $250-$300/aid, so $500 - $600 for a pair.