The best I've found so far

I just tried my friend’s DirectLink Bluetooth device - I think it’s called Blue Freedom, or something like that. I was really amazed at how it sounded. She says that she can use it all day without having to charge it… Anybody had any experience with DirectLink? I’ve seen their web page (, but am curious about experience in the real world.

I have tried the ELI and didn’t like it. The ELI rubbed my neck and cut off words. I called direct link and ordered this blue freedom. I will let you know how it works. Right now I have to take my hearing aid out every time I get a call. this device is supposed to let me take calls without doing that. They said I should have it tomorrow.

I received my BlueFreedom a few days later and i have been using it ever since. I really like it. The sound is very clear and it works all day long. I am showing this to everyone I know that wears hearing aids. When I get a call I just push the button and talk. And that same button hangs up the call. i am impressed!