The battery bounce test is not a reliable way to test battery life


Here’s the photo that explains the problem. Batteries with 50% remaining charge bounce as high as those with no charge. Your best bet is probably to buy a battery tester. They’re cheap. Note: I am assuming the same would happen in a test of hearing aid batteries, but I’ve yet to test this assumption.



I never heard of the “bounce test”. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have believed it.

When I got my first set of HAs, they gave me a battery tester. I never saw the value. If my hearing aids quit working, I change the batteries.



Why would anyone think bouncing a battery would tell them how much power is left in a battery? :rofl:

Because of diabetes, I’m also half blind. HA batteries are small enough and I could just see myself standing at the kitchen counter bouncing HA batteries and them bouncing off the counter with me then trying to find them on the floor. :joy: Really?!

I just carry a spare set of batteries on me in case they go dead. I keep a mental note in my head of when I changed them last as a guide as well. I just want to try to get the most battery life I can out of a battery.

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It is for regular (zinc oxide) batteries. It has nothing to do with other types.



You still won’t find me wasting my time bouncing any type of batteries!

Oh well so much for going outside and trying to bounce the car battery. :joy:

Just use the old fashioned way of when the thing doesn’t work, the battery is dead or try a battery tester.

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I wouldn’t even bother with a battery tester as I feel they don’t give an accurate test. I just wait for the battery beep in my hearing aids and then just change them.



I find with my Unitron Moxi 2 HA’s that the batteries last 4 to 5 days.

Rather than wait for them to run out - which invariable happens at the least convenient time - I change them before putting them on first thing in the morning every 4 days. To make it easy to remember I change them on the last day of each month and again on the 4th, 8th, 12th 16th. 20th, 24th and 28th.

My smartphone calendar is set to remind me.

By using this method I may well use a few batteries a year extra - but it is well worth it.

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Don’t really understand why anyone ever thought that bouncing a battery would be good for it let alone tell you its charge??? :thinking:

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When I read the headline I mistakenly assumed it was a piece from The Onion.

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When I read this I immediately thought of P.T. Barnum phrase: “There’s one born every minute.”

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