The Avanco Hear - Available to pre-order soon!

The new Avanco Hear

The First Affordable Programmable Bluetooth Hearing Device - Available to Pre-Order soon!

Please go to the website,, for details and how to videos.

Register today and you will be notified when the Avanco Hear is available to pre-order.

This is what you will receive when you order:-

1 - Avanco Hear (or you can buy a pair)
1 - Wireless Charging Station - Free
1 - Programming App - Free
1 - Hearing Test App - Free


What is the cost? *****

Do you offer any trial period?

When is the release date?

How long is the warranty period?

Instead of us asking you questions, why don’t you tell us everything about your product? You just don’t give out enough details and then you solicit us to ask questions. It feels like a game to me.

Just tell us everything you can tell us about your products so we don’t have to ask. There are so many basic stuff that you should tell us that we don’t have to ask you. I feel like you’re playing some kind of game here. Unless you don’t have enough information about your product, hence this game playing.

If you don’t have an idea, just start reading marketing materials and product specs from the 6 major HA companies and try to produce something like that for your own product and post here or on your website.

I shouldn’t have had to ask the basic questions I had to ask you earlier. They should have been already in the FAQ section on your website.

The page you are looking for is no longer available or has been moved.