Testing the Phonak Marvel after Oticon Opn S trial

In Am almost a week of testing the Marvel M90-312 (with closed double dome) after weeks of OPN-S trial. I don’t want to be pessimistic about these as I saw and read many successful stories. But, am really having issues and was wondering if this is how it actually works or it needs tuning.

  • My own voice: my voice is high in the left and low on the right while am talking. Also, I noticed when am in the car talking on phone, my voice fades out (like low)
  • Today I had a conversation with 2 colleagues in the office and we were in a small room. While am talking it fades then while they talk it didn’t clear the speech!. BTW, one of these colleagues speak fast and I used to get about 80% of his speech with the OPN S1 ( now Am 50%)
  • when am driving I can feel there is a vacuum in my ear.
  • we have a foldable backdoor for our warehouse, and when we open or close (it have noise), the aids fade too much that I cannot hear anything (like muting 80% of everything even people talking). Also, I felt the same vacuum in my ears!!!.
  • I played with the app to adjust the noise reduction (to the least) and make speech focus almost 360. I saved this as manual program. But found that if I move to another environment or there is more noise, the Autosense is triggered. If I try to change again it changes, but again when any surrounding voices/noise happen, it triggers back. Also I noticed that If am streaming or on call and then finish the aids go back automatically to Autosense.
  • I thought the Marvel 360 program same as OPN paradigm but it’s not. I can feel it’s still directional.
  • If I pushed the domes deep, my voice is so high, if I release it just little, my voice fades a lot ! I cannot have a mid position?.
  • When am listening on my phone speaker, the aids seems to reduce the volume (I feel my left ear vacuum much more than right ear).
  • Last time with my Audi, we did REM and with it the gain is reduced . When she tried to increase there was some feedback. So, we decided to follow the REM and see how things going.
  • I asked her to add the speech in noise and restaurant programs and found that these lower all sounds (not only noise) like the aid are on calm. When am at Costco and selected speech in noise I couldn’t hear myself or my wife (not even the noise :joy:)
  • I can notice that am not understanding some conversation (more than before). Not sure if my mind still need time to switch from OPN to Marvel or wrong setting!.
    The fact, the Marvel have much more options than OPN but with all the issues with OPN (and OPN- S warbling) the Marvel still didn’t come close to speech understanding.
    BTW: I noticed my Audi adjusted it on NAL. !
    Any advise!

I’ve had Marvel M90-R’s for 10 months. I’m a first time user and I’ve not used any other HA. My audiogram is quite different from yours. My use other than normal TV and restaurant environments is as a classical pianist. This involves a lot of experience with live music. So far I’ve not experienced the environmental problems you’ve described. I’ve mostly been pleased with how well I hear music and how well I understand speech when compared with my experience before my Marvels. I’m thinking the difference in our experience is probably attributable to the difference in our audiograms.

Did you ever face this vacuum in your ears! Am watching TV now and when I talk, I feel it’s sucking the domes in and my voice fade (goes low)
I saw others here have Audiogram almost similar to mine with much better experience.

No, I’ve not experienced the vacuum you’ve described. That’s probably due to the domes I was prescribed. (I’ve not used any dome other than these.)

She never show me these! I only have the double closed domes !

It seems I may check another Audi. We have been trying with several aids for about 5 months! So frustrating

The difference I’m sure would be attributable to the vent slits you can see on either side of my dome. This would equalize air pressure.

Sure. This equalize the vacuum but am not sure with my lose am capable for this or not!
I got an appointment at Costco to check the ks9 maybe am lucky this time.
I was hoping an advise how to overcome these symptoms

Let’s hope someone with an audiogram similar to yours will notice this conversation!

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That looks like a widex dome.

AshFan, sounds like you should stick with the opns.

That’s very interesting, Neville! My audiologist’s favorite HA is the Widex. I came to her to get the Marvel because of Dr. Cliff’s video. I did briefly try the Widex after about 6 months with the Marvel as she wanted me to compare the two because of my being a pianist. The Widex is very good but I stayed with the Marvel. Now you have me wondering if the domes are actually Widex domes.

Yeah, the beyond is nice. I don’t get nearly as many opportunities to fit them as I’d like.

If the widex dome is working–if you are hitting prescriptive targets while minimizing feedback and occlusion issues and they are comfortable–no reason to switch back to the marvel domes. The only worry would be whether the domes are at an increased risk of slipping off and getting stuck in your ear canal. Off the top of my head, the widex domes seem like they would be pretty well fit to the new marvel receiver (they were typically too big for the older phonak receivers).

My issues with the OPN (S) was to choose between warbling or terrible feedback.
Also, the last week it started rebooting frequently (after the app update)
Will try to give it some more time (also will check how the Costco trial will go)

You might have noticed from another thread that for the “Music Program” on the Marvels I have set WhistleBlock = 0. This is only for the Music Program. AutoSense OS 3.0 is still set to default for WhistleBlock. This has made my Marvels close to perfect for my use as a musician.

To also be honest, using landline with the Marvel (just holding it on the aid) is much better and clearer than the OPN along NO FEEDBACK.
But still :expressionless:

Ahh, well, a lot of the troubles you are having with the Marvel sound like they can be fixed with acoustic and programming changes if you want to keep going. But the app still doesn’t work the way people would like, and the 360 program is definitely NOT like the Opn. I am also not totally sure about that vaccuum feeling you report, although it sounds like it could also be a gain problem.

But frankly, sounds like you are a strong candidate for custom tips based on some of the things you are saying.


I tried the 360 and yes you are right it’s definitely not OPN feeling. It’s like allowing you to know there is sound coming.
What do you mean with custom tips!

Just a comment on the double domes. I use them with my KS-8s. I have never experienced any type of occlusion or vacuum sensation. They work much better for me than the tulip domes.

Oh ok. Yes I used it with the OPN with no sound issue (only some inflammation with 12 mm size) till I used the 10mm and it was ok.(Never have such vacuum)