Testing Phonak Naida V 7's versus ReSound Verso 9's


So it’s been 5 years and in Holland that means that you can get yourself a new device. I am testing the Phonak Naida 7 and the ReSound Verso 9 for the moment, because of their solo equipment: I really need mics to take part in larger conversations.

I’ve got a RogerPen and the Naida can be outfitted with DAI shoes that connect directly to the aids: This reduces the number of devices next to my aids from 3 to 1! (The bernafon’s connect to the Soundgate, which connect to the Roger Mylink, which finally connects to the Roger Pen.)
The ReSound MultiMic comes out of the tests performed at the Erasmus University as just as fine as the RogerPen, so I am testing that one, too. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to bluetooth equipment, so I’ll also have to use a ReSound PhoneClip. The number of devices dwindles down to 2 from 3, so that is not that great. However, they will not be chained to one another, so it is more like 2 times 1 device. Really a shame they don’t have a MultiMic with bluetooth. Rather stupid, too!

After 1 day I already find that the soft sounds are way too loud and the loud sounds become distorted. Time to correct the aids! Since 4 years I have been programming my Bernafon Cronos 9’s with Oasis and now I am looking into programming these aids.

Trying to program the Phonak Naida V’s
I’ve tried to use iPFG and PFG with a Hipro and, CS44 cables and a mini-DIN adapter switching the 3 and 4 pins (The middle ones of the six pins), but with no luck. I saw in another thread that the Phonak Audeo’s are also programmed without a battery, just the cables inserted, so I guess that isn’t the problem.

Am I correct in assuming that you need Phonak Target fitting software for the Naida’s? Could anyone PM me with a link to download it?

Programming the ReSound Verso 9’s
My audiologist already showed me the programming shoes that are needed to connect tot CS44 cables to the Verso’s. I see 8 connections on the hearing aids, but the CS44 only has 4 connectors. Is there a DIY solution for creating such shoes?

The thread How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids suggests SmartFit for programming. I’ve found version What version of SmartFit is needed?

Other suggestions for Hearing Aids
As I said, I limited my scope for the choice of new hearing aids by the need for solo equipment. Am I missing out by limiting myself this way?

The Dream 440’s of Widex seem to be a fine choice, too. They would also require a device worn around the neck with an euro connector to connect to the Roger Pen. So 2 devices are needed. Not ideal, but if the Dream is truly a dream…

Any reasonable suggestions for other aids to be tested?



Don’t make assumptions. When you self-program hearing aids assumptions are usually costly. Scroll down to the bottom of Page 3 of Phonak Naída V Product information to read the Fitting Specifications.

When working with the latest fitting software you generally want the latest version. Also, it has an update feature. Find it. Use it.

No. Go the the proper place to get the software and then read the second paragraph to learn about the procedure for deteriorated links;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids.

Maybe there could be? Though, you will have to be the inventor. Also, it is likely that you will need to test the pinout of the shoe in order to devise your DIY solution, so what’s the point? Here’s a link below to get you started;
Cable Pinouts for Hearing Aid Programming.

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Thanks for your reply, pvc!
I did find the solution for the first three answers.

However, the shoes are still a problem. Wonder how I am going to tackle it. Maybe via the university audiologist, because my current hearing aid dispensers seem rather reluctant to help in any way with programming.

Nice to find that Starkey has a different pinout, too. I still have some Starkey aids laying around that I hadn’t figured out how to program. Will be a nice challenge. The CS44-to-CS44a adapter works as it should, meanwhile.

I can program the Phonak Naida now with the Target software, the Hi-Pro serial, CS44 cables I had from programming my Bernafon and the DIY CS44-to-CS44a adapter (Swapping the mini-DIN 3 and 4 connections.) Very Happy! Lost hope there yesterday morning.

The only thing I have to do is source the programming boots for the ReSounds. That’s going to be a bother it seems…



I’ve never come across the Phonak Naida V 7? Do you mean Phonak Naida V 70?



Yes, you’re right. I am still used to Bernafon’s labeling of classes.

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