Test results, opinions welcome!

Hi All,
I got my latest testing completed yesterday. Here are my results-
Ear SRT/SDT/PTA Speech Discrim. MCL
Right 55 88%/75 dB 75
Left 50 84%/75 dB 75-80

Hz 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Right 35 dB 40 dB 60 dB 75 dB 70 dB 40 db
Left 25 dB 40 dB 60 dB 70 dB 70 dB 45 dB

The audi suggested the GN Resound Azure (at the tone of $2,700 each). She said I could probably go down to the Pixel, but she wouldn’t go any lower technology than that. I’ve been looking at the mini-bte styles, I can’t believe how comfortable they are vs. my older two sets (mid-canal styles). This is my first new set in 7 years. I’m pretty young (35), work in an office environment, etc.
What do you guys think? Any other models that come to mind? I’m really open to anything, however I after I tried on the mini-bte open fit design, if possible- I would like to go that route.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’d recommend the ‘openfit’ type of aid - just had two Oticons and it’s great as it lets through the low frequencies as normal…

if u are willing to spend that kind of money check the follwojng options

oticon epoq w (not the xw)
phonak saVIA
Unitron YUU

the azure should also be a good choice


Hi ucrtwf

I’m a week into adjusting to a new pair of Phonak microElevas (open fit, BTE). The microEleva has the same electronics as the Audeo V, but with thin tubes, instead of the Canal Receiver Technology. Better price, too (for me, $1895 per ear). So far they’ve been great. Most of the time I forget they’re there. I haven’t had the first adjustment yet, but will probably need to work on directionality. Noisy restraunts are still a bit of a challenge. If I’d had the right insurance, I’d have gone with Oticon Delta 6000s, mostly because they look SO cool! :smiley:

Read the manufacturer’s info, and use the Search button here. Lots of info available. I found some good reviews at precisehearing.com. Good luck.