Temporary Hearing Loss

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Good day all
I’ve just found out that I have hearing loss and am new to this forum so please forgive me if this is not the correct place to ask this.

In the past I have had temporary hearing loss that went to the point of requiring hearing aids but in time improved to the point that aids were no longer required. I am 49 now and just recently tested for hearing loss and it is time for hearing aids. My hearing has slowly diminished since the time that the temporary hearing loss improved and since has diminished.

Does anyone know any articles or studies that are on temporary hearing loss improving than slowing diminishing to the point that it becomes permanent hearing loss?


Although this type of fluctuating hearing loss can be common, it is always in your best interest to see a skilled ENT doctor to rule out any potential physical problems, such as tumors, etc on the cochlea or nearby, particularly if you frequently hear a rushing or rining or roaring sound accompanied by temporary hearing loss.

After that type of exam, then you should look into hearing aids that you can control up and down, particularly ones that are easily adjusted on your own would be a good idea. You also want to pick on with lots of power, in case the hearing continues to decrease.