Television Sound - BT - To His & Her HA's - ReSound and Phonak

A quick overview of the Web and User Manuals suggest that my ReSound LiNX3D HAs and my wife’s Phonak Marvel M30 HAs have different Bluetooth transmitters to attach to our TV. Is it possible to equip our Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR6 HDTV so we can both use our HA’s to watch TV simultaneously, or for one to watch and the other to not hear the sound from a speaker?


Depends on what kind of connection each TV connector takes, but basically you’d need a splitter of some type. Phonak TV connector can take optical or traditional cable, not sure about Resound. I’m guessing we have somebody on here that can give more specifics.

Looks like your TV has both optical and line level outputs (RCA connector).

So, depending on the specifics of each Adapter, you can probably hook one to the optical output and the other to the line level unless you are using one or both already for something else. I would suggest you use optical if available. My Oticon TV Adapter 3 has an optical input AND an optical output - if either the ReSound or Phonak TV adapters are similar, you could connect the adapter with both input and output to the TV and the second adapter to the digital output of the first.

Searching the Resound site, it looks like the ReSound TV Streamer 2 accepts both digital optical and line level inputs (RCA and mini jack). However, apparently no digital optical output.

Looks like the Phonak TV connector has both digital optical input and analog (3.5 mm jack). Apparently no digital optical output.

You could possibly find an active digital optical splitter to allow both Adapters to use the single optical output from the TV - I have no experience doing that but it should work if the splitter is a decent quality unit.

With my old Panasonic flat screen TV, muting the TV sound output has no effect on the digital output. If you Sony TV is similar, one user should be able to listen to streamed sound with the TV muted and the other HA user could watch in silence.

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I’d try with an optical splitter first. Reason being the optical seems to be always on, regardless of what the audio settings in the tv are showing. That’s definitely the case with my tv, may not be the case with all. If your transmitter plugs into RCA, get a DAC with optical input and RCA/headphone outputs.


The other benefit of using the optical is that it doesn’t appear to wander in terms of delay like the other outputs can do. U.K. Sky boxes are very poor in this respect, but I’ve noticed it happening on the Firestick too; the acoustic delay increases the longer you watch the TV.

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Agree. About 10 bucks at Amazon.

The Resound tv streamer will pair with up to 3 sets of hearing aids at the same time. It’s just a bluetooth signal so there is a chance it would pair to your wife’s aids as well but I’m not sure.

If this interesting for you I usually use TaoTronics portable Bluetooth transmitter.

With what hearing aids?

Seems to support all as I know.

If it’s just a transmitter transmitting standard bluetooth, I’m pretty sure the only aids it would support would be Phonak Marvel and Paradise. Oh, and the Audeo B Direct. Anything else would require some other device as an intermediary.

Thank you all for your input. The past month has been a busy one that has afforded us very little time for TV watching. When we find we again have time to try out your suggestions I will come back to the thread with any questions we may have.

Please understand that I appreciate everyone’s participation. If anyone has anything more to add, please don’t hesitate.

Thanks again,

Found a review about transmitter

This is standard bluetooth. Most hearing aids, other than a few Phonak models mentioned above do not support standard bluetooth.

That’s not exactly how it works. ReSound transmitters e.g. TV Streamer, MultiMic or MicroMic supports 3 streams. Any number of aids can listen to the same streaming transmitter at the same time. When pairing, the transmitter and the aids just agree on which stream number to use. It doesn’t have to the same for every listener. I want to have TV on Stream 1, my wife wants it on Stream 2. That’s decided when pairing. Of course we can both hear the TV sound at the same time from the same TV Streamer.

No, it’s a proprietary 2.4GHz digital protocol, which only works with ReSound and related brands like Beltone and Cochlear.