Telephone Problems with Trax42


Hi, new to this forum. Just picked up my Trax 42s last week and so far I am very impressed, with one exception. First, I have had HA for the last 20 years, this will be my 4th set, but first set BTE. I still need some tweaks for the general setting, but I have a major problem with phones. I have a new cordless AT&T phone system with TL90073 handsets and a Samsung Galaxy 4S cell phone. Costco programmed a Tcoil setting into the HA, but it does not seem to connect to either phone system. I have ordered the streamer (neck loop) and will pick it up next week during my two week tuneup appointment. I don’t have 100% confidence in the hearing aid dispenser (not an audiologist). Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?


Does your Samsung have t-coil? I know that my Galaxy S4 with T-Mobile as a provider is only rated M3. But, it works very well with my Trax42XM using the auto program, just not with the t-coil program. The t-coil program does work with my Uniden wireless handset. Also, you probably know that you need to manually put the HAs into the t-coil program, it won’t do it automatically.


I have been through this grief.

I own a Galaxy S4 cell phone, and I’m afraid it’s not hearing aid compatible to a t3 or t4 specification i.e. Tcoil.

You will need to use the streamer.

The alternative is to change the phone. The latest iPhones are all hearing aid compatible. I think the Samsung S5 is too.

Good luck.


My LG G4 has a hearing aid setting but it does not activate my automatic T-Coil. I can hear very clearly when using the phone though. Not sure what technology activates the hearing aid setting but I know what my t-coil sounds like when it activates and that is not what my G4 is doing.