Telecoil on landline

Does my phone have telecoil

My understanding that in the United States all landline phones are telecoil compatible as required by law

Is there a way to take of pic of the correct programing for telecoil on the More 1. I’ve been to audiologist twice and he had to call Oticon for the correct settings but they still don’t pick up speech from my landline???

I don’t know about your aids. I assume they come with telecoil. If so the audiologist has to activate the telecoil on your aids for them to work. You may also need to manually switch to the telecoil program on your aids for the telecoil to work. Just trying to cover all just possibilities.

That’s the problem: My HA are programed for telecoil and I hv to switch to that program.but sill nothing from my landline phone.

Problem is I think my audiologist doesn’t have the knowledge to program my aids correctly. That’s why I hoping for a pic to show him

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I’ll be honest with you. If he doesn’t know how to activate the telecoil I’d go elsewhere

Using telecoil on your land line in Australia we need a magnet on he hand piece. You put the magnet near your microphones outlet. Speak to your audiologist and ask…


I don’t have a pic of correct programming but I saw this post from 2015 that has some interesting information. I am going to take it to my audiologist and see if that changes anything for her. I would like to use my telecoils with a landine phone. Programming for telecoil use | Robert L. Martin |