Telecoil information needed


My church is looking at installing a telecoil and has a price of $10,000.
First, I’m wondering why it is so expensive if it’s truly a single conductor wire looped around
our auditorium and is it possible I could do the install myself? If so, how do I go about it?
What other options are available? I know nothing about the current sound system in the church but, assume if it has Bluetooth everyone could just pair their hearing aids and that’s it. Even a new amp/receiver with Bluetooth would be less expensive, or not?
All help would be greatly appreciated!!!



Not all hearing aids have Bluetooth so not everyone would be able to link up.

My church uses a roger system instead of a telecoil.



What is a ‘roger’ system? I’ve never heard of that before.

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First of all, it’s not a telecoil that you’re looking for. The HA’s need to have a telecoil built-in.
What you’re looking for is called a hearing loop or induction loop.
You could do this yourself. You could also buy kits.
Think of the wire as one speaker. Output to it from whatever amplifier that the sound source is plugged in to.
There are some required impedances that you might want to look up.

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A good chunk of that $10,000 is for engineering to make sure it works right in the space. You might be able to do it yourself, and plenty of people do for a home system, but when you start hitting something the size of a church the system needs more design to make sure the none of the building components interfere with it and that it doesn’t interfere with itself. It also takes a larger and more expensive driver to run the system.



#7, the HLAA website, has a lot of good advice and a Loop kit online.



It’s a system made by Phonak to help hear at distance or in noise. Google it and you’ll find more information on it.



I installed a loop at my prior church and was very happy with Oval Window Audio (online). Biggest hassle is running the wiring and making sure nothing interferes with it. If you don’t include the stage, or only loop a designated area, it avoids most issues.