Tek vs. MiniTek

Question 1
I am considering buying either the Tek or the MiniTek device for use with my HAs. I have heard (on this board) that the battery life on the MiniTek amounts to about 4 hours of use(any comments are welcome). Does anyone here know the average battery life on the Tek?

Question 2
The aids that I will use this with are the Costco version of the Siemens 701 line (of course Cosco renames the Tek and MiniTek). When I have seen the Tek described (on the Siemens website), they talk about a control on the side of the Tek which allows the user to increase/decrease the high frequency sensitivity. When I asked the asked the Costco Audi about this, she didn’t seem aware of this feature. Does anyone here know?

Question 3
Is it true that the MiniTek can control 2 different Bluetooth devices while the Tek can control only 1?

  1. The TEK (Rexton calls it the Blu RCU) has a treble control on the side. The mini does not have the treble control. They both have a telecoil for looped areas.

  2. Yes, the mini can connect to 2 different phones at once. The two terms to remember for bluetooth are “paired” and “connected”. Paired just means the two devices know each other, but they are not necessarily ready to talk. Connected means they are active and ready to communicate. Usually, once a device is paired, it stays paired. “Connected” can come and go with what you currently need to do and with what devices are in range.

Question 1: I have the Tek (Blue RCU) - It has rechargeable batteries that last about three days. There is a battery charge indicator but it gives no useful warning. It goes from indicating full charge to completely dead in no time at all.

My Tek came with a TV transmitter that works well if you need that feature. The TV transmitter, which is also rechargeable plugs into the TV and transmits the audio to the Tek which then sends it to the HAs.

I also have the basic remote control that changes the HA program remotely, no bluetooth. It uses AAA batteries that last a couple of weeks.

The minitek may be limited to 4 hours of TV Link or solid BT but it will go days on a charge in your pocket. Hubby keeps his plugged into the charge and laying on the coffee table while watching TV or using his tablet. It will pair to 2 TV’s and 2 phones and assorted other BT devices. I think the Tek is 1 TV and 1 phone.

Don: The documentation on the Minitek states that the phone volume can be controlled (when connecting via Bluetooth). The doumentation of the Tek does not show that feature. Do you know if the Tek can control the volume as well?

No, I don’t know. I would think it does because it is a normal bluetooth headset function and the hearing aid devices (like the TEK) are connecting to the phone as bluetooth headsets, but that would be something to verify.

I bought the mini BLUE RCU from Costco. Pick up the new aids in a couple of weeks. Will set up an Iphone, reciever/cable/TV, laptop and Ipad to work with the Rexton cobalt 16’s RIC.

If the Tek is only used for program changes or tone and volume adjustments the battery lasts for days.

If it is used to stream music or any other audio it via the cable it will last for a few hours; six to eight or so.

I had a Mini Tek and I returned it because it worked too well with Bluetooth for me. If I was on my iPhone and changed programs on the phone, or played a game, the Mini beeped every time I changed something on the phone. I couldn’t stand the constant in\out of the program beeps on the Mini, so I switched back to the Tek.

I am doing the same: I’ll have my Rexton Cobalt 16s (from Costco), but instead of the MiniTek, I bought the Tek. I would like to compare notes with you on the differences. You can PM me after you get them. One thing I would like to find out: Can the volume of the phone/bluetooth connection be controlled with both the Tek and MiniTek.

I own both… I got the Tek 2 years ago with my Rextons, I just got the miniTek with my Pure Carets. the volume control on either controls the volume into the aids from any source. the Tek can pair with one BT phone and one TVLink, mp3’s etc have to be connected via cable. the miniTek can pair with 2 BT phones, 2 TVLinks, it can also pair with generic BT devices like your PC, mp3 player, etc… the Tek does have the treble control but I never used it. it does have largers buttons numbered 1,2,3,4,5 so you can directly access whatever prog you want. the miniTek has a P button you use to rotate through program except it also has a small TVLink button so you can access the TVLink directly. if you walk away from the miniTek in TV mode as in going to the kitchen it will revert your aids back to whatever program you were on and when you come back it will automatically reconnect to the TVLINK. it also has a mute button on the top that will mute the aids if held down for a few seconds. the mini also has a power off button. basically whether you want one or the other depends on size and rather or not you need the additional devices. I think anyone getting one or the other would be happier with the miniTek. as alwasy everyones opinion will vary. BTW, if you go to the AD to have changes made to your aids be sure and take your tek/minitek along.

I bought the mini BLU RCU. I also got the new “Kirkland Signatures” the “Onyx” line. It has more range and a T-Coil for the same price.

Love the mini BLU RCU so far. I can control the volume from the mini-tek unit around my neck or from the paired I-Phone.