Tego pro

how old is the oticon tego pro? Do i need to worry about it being obsolete anytime soon.

I hope one of the resident audis steps in and answers.

My dispenser told me Oticon keeps 5 years of parts on hand. After that they do not repair.

But I believe the Tego Pro is at least that old. I would think if you purchased
one new they warrantie it for 1 or 2 years (offer replacement).

I too am concerned. Should I have to spend the extra money for the latest
and greatest; not because I need it but because I need to worry about
repairs/replacement in coming years?

My current Oticons are 10 years old…each repaired once. I need to get new
ones soon. Definitely need to consider Oticon based on durability alone.

the policy by law is to provide 5 yrs support after they are discontinue
once they are discontinue they will repair upon availability

i would not be concern to much about that since tego, is a fairly new product line, while- it has been hinted that their will be something new (I assume wireless), i would expect at least 2 to 3 yrs more till they become discontinued then you can count 5 more yrs… I would not really worry

Thanks so much… The tego is on my list budget wise.

I recall you don’t fit Starkys but would you think they would comparably
in terms of durability or quality. My DigiFocus aids have certainly lasted a
long time.

thankyou, i am just trying to be informed before i go to see my audiologist about new hearing aids. they have changed so much in the last few years it seems. how about the data logging would it benefit me since i have worn hearing aids for 30+ years or is it more for new users. this will be the first time i have even considered buying mid range hearing aids as i have never been able to afford anything but the basic bare bones hearing aids.

i have had starkey before my current pair and thought they were pretty decent, for analog that is.

Im surprise cause the digitfocus has a switch issue, Oticon redesign the
shell and make a new shell that all the newer aids have… Swift, atlas, tego, go, sincro and other…

But, in general I have notice that aids now do not last as long as they used to… a friend of mind which work @ 2 manf had told me that the companies make the aids so that they will last no more than 5 yrs,…

that making aids to durable would drive costs to much …

is this right?