Tego pro feedback

I have Tego Pro aids in both ears. For the most part I like them compared to my old Starky’s. They have 4 programs on program is supposed to be for conversations in noisy places. It is supposed to use the microphone to pick things up from the front. Works great in the lab but not so great in an actual situation…but it is an improvement from what I had. The other 3 programs are the same. I don’t hear a difference. One of them is supposed to be for the phone. The last one is to listen to music. I have a problem with watching movies on TV as well. Tego’s improve it but still not the best.

How to Tego Pro’s rate? Does anyone here have any experience with them?

Yes! I have Tego Pro BTE’s with molds. I think it all depends on how the audi programs your HA’s. In a previous programming attempt, my audi set the programs such that they all DID sound the same. However, at the last attempt she seemed to have got it right. Now, the Omni program sounds good for speech with less high freq than the 2nd program called Directional. On this 2nd prog the high freq is more so such that the speech consonants are a little easier to make out. The 3rd program that I have is called Dynamic; for me, this one has much more LOW frequency. I had asked her to set this prog for music. The 4th program that I have is T coil. For me, I still prefer to use either Omni or Directional for the phone. The T coil may be better for using the phone in noisy places. As time passes I find that I can understand speech more and more easily. I LOVE my HA’s! :smiley:

I am using the Tego Pros for almost 2 months now…had them readjusted once…got rid of the fourth program since there was no difference from the first program…Im very happy with the HA I can even hear most of whats going on on TV. Movies included.

I also have undergone several program adjustments. After I complained about the lack of difference between the programs, my Audi changed me over to custom molds. I now have more gain and less feed back. My first program called Omni I use for general purpose; the 2nd prog called Directional I use for noisy places, it has higher high frequencies than Omni. The 3rd Prog is called Dynamic and has lower low frequencies. My T coil is not very effective; that is Prog 4. I like Dynamic for music. All of the changes mentioned are quite noticable. I am now experimenting with the different mold vent sizes. Yesterday, I was in a crowded small room (at a party) everyone was talking at once. I was struggling. I took out my HA’s It was less noisy but could not understand the women talking so back in they went.:slight_smile:

What do you mean by custom molds? How did they fit your HA without custom molds. My aids were fitted after they made an impression of my ears.

My audiologist adjusted the size of the vents…no feedback at all. The first programe is for general use…very happy. The second is for noisy places and is ok…the third is for phone. I got rid of the fourth. I listed to music on my MP3 player when Im walking and don’t wear my HA I just use the ear buds and I’m happy.

My custom molds were made from impressions taken from my ears just like yours (I suppose). The alternative is Open Ear Fitting. This is just a small flower petal like device fitted to a very small diameter tube called Corda. Tego Pro’s can take either of these two systems. The beauty of the Corda system is no custom molds required and they can hardly be seen at all…If that is what you want. Also it is very good system for High Frequency loss as the venting for allowing the low frequencies to escape is very large indeed. Draining of the ear is also very good. The down side is if you are gain hungry like I am, the output is not as high as with custom molds. It is also quite fragile. I found that the domes as the petal devise is called caused my ears to itch when the hearing aids were on. Working as a teacher having visible (large) hearing aid molds with the larger tubing is good because the students are reminded that I have a hearing problem and speak more clearly. I don’t have any vanity issues; I just want to be able to hear as well as possible. :slight_smile:

Before I continue, I better quality my self. I am newbie to wearing hearing aids and have no connection with any one in the hearing aid business.
Having said that I thought I would share a wonderful improvement as it pertains to my hearing loss profile:
I had to attend a seminar. It was held in a small room with no amplification. I tried to increase the gain to hear what the woman was saying, but the feedback was too great. I was going to leave but decided to stay and try something; I just happen to have on me a set of vents that my Audi gave me to try out. I put them in and what a difference!! I could now increase the gain with very little feedback present and I could hear the speaker very clearly indeed. Her voice was sharp and clear. So for those who have the feature in there molds, why not experiment with different sizes of “adavent orifices” to see what works for you? These adavent parts are nothing more than a plug, which fills the vent hole and has different size holes in them to change the vent opening size. The smaller the hole, the more low frequency you will get. I do not need that but the overall sound for speech was greatly improved for me. You may find the sound has too much low frequency to start with but be patient and give your brain a chance to get use to it.:slight_smile:

Many hearing aids and molds come with select-a-vents, and the smaller the vent, the less chance of feedback or whistling.

Sometimes, you can choose one that both prevents feedback and still makes your own voice/chewing sounds tolerable.

Thank you for sharing that info with our users.