Tcoil Stereo

I have a pair of Phonak Ambra H2O BTE HA. I can activate the T coil program using the MyPilot remote. I want to use ear hooks (like Music Link) to listen to personal audio via the Tcoils.

The question is, if I get dual Music Links, which deliver Right and Left channel sound to the appropriate ear, will I hear each channel independently.

My concern is that the Duo Phone feature is turned on, so with a phone, the audio from one ear is streamed to both ears.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup, or advice on the best way to listen to stereo audio?

I use the Icom to listen to stereo audio via the audio jack.
works great.

I use ear hooks to liaten to music. I also activate the t coil with my remote control- MyPilot. I find I just place the ear hooks on each ear and it sounds good. Going in stero instead of mono.

Thanks - I’ll give it a try

Stereo is the way to go. I will say having used multiple music link coupleres that the music links (name brand) have the worst performance. As long as 'room behind the ear is not a major factor look for one of the many couplers that are larger and and look like a flattened BTEr (hatis et als). Somewhere in this board, I wrote a detailed writeup, but i cannot seem to find it.

hmm. I should try it for myself too.