Target programming for M90 phone

hey, looking at targer options. i dont have a noah link wireless yet so i am just going through them to ask my audiologist what i want as options. but i have questions. i tried finding answers but its not in any of the instructions.

Questions 1:
In rogerDirect +mic, fine tuning, program option, program activation. if i set it to manual with beeps it says when roger direct is detected a beep is heard and roger direct is added as the last program. will that mean that i will now have 4 programs or will it take the spot of the 3rd program slot i have.

Question 2 same place as before but phone call via T coil program. if it is activated, does it stop the blue tooth phone call program from activating,
if so is there a way to turn off the blue toothe phone call . thanks.

question 3,same place as before but Phone call + mic activated, if i disable microphone in phone call +mic , can i speak through phone thanks.

  1. It will add one more. However I’d recommend having that on automatic, since you can control it with turning on/off the mic. I mean, from the convenience perspective.

Phonak made one thing really wrong.
Let’s assume you have 3 custom programs. And you have this roger as manual without beep.
You’d then need to click 4 times, let’s say down. 5th click gets you back to autosense.
To me, logical would then be that if you want to go back, you click once ‘up’. But no. It’s still 4 clicks away.

Ask me how I know :joy:
I have tv connector on manual. And even if it is 4 clicks it is faster than it takes app to connect :roll_eyes:

  1. I can’t test since I don’t have any loop, I just have aids with tcoil.
    But I can tell you this.
    T coil is one of custom programs.
    Tv connector and bt media streaming are the same program I think. But you can additionally choose for tv connector if you want manual or automatic connection. I think, don’t have it open now.
    However for bt you don’t have control within HAs. If they’re connected and stream comes, it will stream.

For t coil you have to pick it up.

Judging by ‘phonak logic’, I’d expect bt will override any program. The same way it overrides autosense.
But. Forget about all of this, I’ve just tested. I mean, I can put into any custom program even if I don’t have the signal for it. I’ll leave train of thoughts so that it maybe helps you figure out how phonak ‘thinks’.

So, tried with acoustic phone and tcoil one, then started youtube (ha and phone were already connected), and yup, Youtube took over. I’d expect bt calls will do the same.

  1. Phone call and mic. I think it even says somewhere that mic gain is how much background sounds will you hear as well. It definitely does that, but I think I’ve read it also. Check those ? and similar things around.

And, it does process background noise for your phone partner. They hear it but it definitely has some noise cancelling because they can still hear you well.

Btw kudos to you for opening the software in order to be able to explain things with details. I thing that’s the best thing that I got from DIY (since I found awesome fitter with whom I totally cooperate).

Half dozen previous ones would using some layman terms, I’d have no clue what they’re talking about, I’d try to explain myself, then they’d have no clue.
Saying 'I want this and that enabled because ’ saves time and energy.

However for trivial things like ‘gimme more noise cancelling on that program’ or make autosense slower/faster, or I’d like to try acoustic phone, you’ll probably decide that you’re too lazy to go there and you’ll just buy noahlink wireless :joy:

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That is so weird. I just went in my cell phone to blue tooth setting of audio phonak hearing aids and told it to disconnect phone but keep only media. I then got my friend to call me. The bluetooth did not engage. in other words the HA did not pick up the call.

So im thinking that ill have roger pen paired with cell for phone and roger will pick up and send it.

It’s not weird, it’s what you told them to do - you turned off one function of that BT protocol. If they would turn on without your permission that would be serious security breach.

Having bt call function always on is fine, I guess it won’t use (much) battery until you get the call through the HAs. It’s more like ‘hey I’m hanging out here, let me know if you need me’. Same with allowing streaming.

Phone having bt ‘on’ will eat some battery on the phone, mostly because of often scanning for devices and whatnot.

But when in use, on both sides battery will feel it.

Sorry I don’t have a way to test it exactly, I have regular battery one, and zinc air battery is behaving differently from regular AA/AAA ones and I’m lazy to dig up what I need to measure and with what to give you precise results. Batteries are cheap so I didn’t give it insanely lot attention. I just focused on which should last more, and that’s size 13 on average and I skipped the part of the article where they described exact measurements, but I did link the article in some my post on some topic about batteries. In case you want at least information how to measure so you can try it yourself.

So, sorry for question 2 I assumed that you have BT turned on.
Of course if it’s turned off it won’t work and therefore won’t override current program in HAs.

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So based on this, its not wise to use a slot to have roger. I might as well just set it on manual with beeps and shortcut to 4th now added program :).

Will it cycle back ro autosense if roger is on mute?

Roger will not use one of those custom slots. Tcoil will.
It’s a bit messy with names, I was talking about roger program in target sw.

Custom slots are custom programs. I try to write custom whenever I think on those 3 slots, but I might forget.

Roger mic muted is still roger program active, so no, it won’t go back to autosense.

Turning Roger mic on will automatically switch to roger mic program and add that program (default behaviour). If you put it on manual or manual with beep, ot won’t switch but will add the program.

If you are near tv connector as well, and have that on manual, then you’ll have 2 additional, so total 6 (3 custom, 1 autosense, 2 additional). Give some streaming and that’s one more. :rofl: A mess

Best way to figure out what is happening is to look at my phonak app and see available programs. But, if I remember correctly, you said that you can’t install it?

Is it google play store thing or you think it wouldn’t work? I mean, I can probably get the apk out of my phone and give the link so you install it directly without google play.

No. My ha dont connect to app amd there is nothing u can do in app if it does not detect ha. :frowning: I need to wait till i get new hearing aids next week