Target 6.1?

I think there must be a version of Target 6.1 that includes the Firmware update for the Mavel aids, I note that the latest fitting guide talks about Target 6.1.

Anyone confirm / got access as 6.0.2 wont update any further


BTW Fitting guide :-

I am at 6.0.2 also. No update available. I figured it had something to do with hooking the Marvel aids up to it. Guessing

Na I have hooked mine up and checked the firmware version - in 6.0.2 there is no firmware update available.

I checked it out here, can’t get to update or firmware upgrade pages (tools) while connected to the aids in a client session. Once disconnected, no software updates available. Flag showing advising firmware update (which may be for the NLW even though I’d just done that), but when I tried the specific firmware upgrade option for the aids it shows they’re already up to date, presumably because I need 6.1. So, hopefully one of the folks who has 6.1 will message one of us with a link or advice.

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I see Zebras’ comment in a different thread about software updates being offered at different times in different countries. So maybe mine (in Canada) will show up as available soon. But that doesn’t explain why it isn’t being offered to Raudrive in the US.

That is my hope as well, I know in the past I have messaged quite a few other people with magic links to the target installer.

I will go look again.

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Got it now.


Thanks, sort of confirms it must be a country thing. Guess it’ll come here eventually, meanwhile we still got the maple syrup and the Mounties.


If someone can can share I am happy to re-share :slight_smile:

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Something I noticed after installing the update with my Audeo B90 aids hooked up was Target 6.1 asked for the hearing aids to be recalculated. I agreed with this and noticed a slight increase in gains across all frequencies in G80, G65 and G50. Unless my eyes were playing tricks.

This is in adaptive phonak digital fitting formula.


Thanks to another forum member I’m all updated. My life seems unchanged thus far :slight_smile: except that now I have a separate mute button on the app (instead of having to hold down the volume slider). It’s the little things in life… :slight_smile:

I have a leftover bluetooth transmitter/receiver from my pre-HA days. I’ll try using it with my computer to see if there’s a convenient way to take advantage of the extra bluetooth pairing. Also have a new phone on the way so if I disappear for a time it’s because I had a nerdgasm.

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I can’t remember if you Marvels or KS9.

Phonak M30R. Very happy with them.

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Have you run across anybody who has KS9 that is DIY?

I haven’t. Shouldn’t be long though and I’m curious to learn how it goes.

What new phone did you get, Dusty?

Note 10+. Don’t really need anything so skookum, but what the hell. One should overindulge every once in a while. Wish I knew my expiry date, then I’d be able to time my overindulges perfectly.

Great! I think I’ve got Santa talked into replacing my Google Pixel 3 XL with a new 4 XL. The goal here is to spend the entire kid’s inheritance.