Talking Loud

Just curious, does anyone else have a problem with talking too loud ?
I was hoping that once I started wearing hearing aids, my voice wouldn’t carry so much. But I guess not. I know that sometimes when I’m out in public and need to speak with someone, I find other people looking at me. Makes me a little embarassed. I know sometimes when riding in the car with my husband, he’ll make comments like " honey I’m right here ".
Maybe I always talked loud and just don’t remember.

I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem.

Laura :rolleyes:

Our hearing aids will hear someone’s voice being loud. If you turn it down, you won’t hear that loud. I always do that make things loud and I had to low it down.

Yep, I have that same problem. I have a deep booming voice and my voice carries. My wife constantly told me to talk softer even though I thought I was talking soft. My audi told me family and friends would notice me talking softer and it was the very FIRST thing my wife and my daughter noticed. I had the aids just under a week and I went to my wife’s office and she asked if I had my aids in and I told her I did and she said I was talking loud again. I checked and discovered the batteries were dead; I replaced the batteries and was talking softer once again.

I do not have aids at the moment, but when I have tried them I found out that I talked too loud as well. When they are in you should be able to easily tell that you are or have been talking too loud. That was the one pleasant surprise I’ve had in my 3 years of trying to obtain hearing aids at a REASONABLE COST. That part of it (REASONABLE COST) ain’t happening…

When you get hearing aids, adjustments can be made that either make your own voice sound louder or softer to you. When you get your hearing aids you will embark on a wonderful adventure of new hearing experiences.

If I have an adjustment made to make my own voice sound softer, won’t it also affect how I hear others when they speak?
I have severe to profound hearing loss in my left ear. I cannot hear out of my right ear so I am not fitted with an aid on the right side.
I have found in the past that with loudness comes barrel/echo sounds also.
I tried one time to have an adjustment and it did take away the echo but I also had problems hearing speech from others. So I ended up having the aid ajusted back to the original program. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term barrel/echo and just said my own voice sounds too loud. Maybe the adjustment would have been different. I’m beginning to think I am a lost cause with all this. I know I will have a difficult time because of using only one aid. Of course with my degree of hearing loss, speech discrimination is a BIG problem for me also. In order to hear as well as I can, I might need to put up with the loudness.
I am open to any suggestions.


I didn’t have an adjustment made to my aids that made my voice sound softer; I spoke softer because I heard my voice better. I didn’t have any barrel/echo sounds, but because I could hear my voice better I lowered my voice when I spoke.

My family and friends noticed that I do talk loud without my hearing aids on. My audiologist told me that we talk so loud without hearing aids on because we can’t hear our own voice.


Maybe once my brain gets used to it hopefully, I’ll start lowering my voice. One can only hope.
Thanx everyone

Hi Laura,
In my experience, my brain has always tried to naturalize the sounds that have changed due to HA program changes such as hollow or own voice sounds different. For me, it usually takes about 3 weeks for the strange sounds not to sound strange any more. This is what makes it so confusing when trying to assess whether we like a program change or not. I now make a point of not running back to change the program due to strange sounds for at least 3 or 4 weeks; to give the brain time to accomodate. For those who have never worn HA’s before, and have just been fitted, I suggest you live with the weird sounds for at least 3 months, yes I mean that; maybe longer. Speech recognition for me, becomes better and better as time goes by (months). This is all based on wearing them all day, every day.

Anyone ever see the silent movie documentary where a person had special viewing device attached to his face which visually turned the world up side down? After a period of time, his brain inverted the image and he saw normally. After removing the device, what he say was now upside down and it took a while for his brain to correct the image. This shows what the brain can do to accomodate changes.

I think many of us have that problem. Quite embarassing, but try to find out by your audiologist if there is a problem, or get over the embarrassment.

Hi Laura
Yes talking loud was one of the worst symptoms I experienced with my hearing loss.It was so embarassing I remember watching a video my girlfriend made of party I was at and it really shocked me to “hear” how loud I was shouting above everyone else. Not only that but I kept asking people to repeat. When I eventually got fitted with HAs my gfriend told me that she had shown me that video to let me realize how bad my hearing had become. Unfortunately I still speak very loudly when I have my aids out, dont realize it myself until someone signalises to me. :frowning: dont know has anyone any good ideas how to control your voice level when you cant hear your own voice ?

Talking too loud seems to be a very common problem, hearing loss or not :slight_smile:

Looking at Laura’s original base comment and question which I’ve quoted in part…

What you have to realise is subconsciously your brain has programed your voice to speak LOUD… and for the obvious reason. You can’t hear, so in turn your voice is raised in part because of it.

I was the same way when I started wearing my HA’s. For the first few days of wearing HA’s I found myself speaking LOUD too… and had to force myself to listen to the volume of my voice and speak softer. Its been about three weeks or so of HA’s now. I’ve got to the point where just about 95 plus percent of the time I speak softly… and only once in a while do I need to remind myself otherwise.

I don’t know how long you’ve had your HA’s, but it may take a little bit of time before things change.

Shi-Ku Chishiki