Take study: New app is trying to make struggling with tinnitus easier


Hi everyone

I need some help. My company’s client is developing an app that’s going to help people suffering from tinnitus. But we need to get it top tuned and ready before the launch.

That’s why we’re doing an unbiased feedback test and we some people with tinnitus to tell us how to do it better. We’re looking for about 20 native Americans age 30 or older currently struggling with tinnitus.

Do you fit the target group? If you do you’ll get compensated with a gift card if you complete the survey.

Check it out here:

Here’s a link to my company, UserTribe. We’re based in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Kind regards,
Frederik Bentsen
Mail: frb@usertribe.com



What does the app do?



And I’m curious about why you’re only interested in (as you say) native Americans. First of all, in Canada they like to be referred to as First Nations. Second, why not open it to all?
Your apparent name and use of terminology may sound quaint over there in Denmark but in North America they are actual people.
(yes of course you probably mean people from the US…just be aware of terminology)



I am assuming he means “American born and raised” and is unaware of the term “Native Americans”

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I went ahead and tried it. It’s basically coaching on how to manage tinnitus. Provides soothing sounds, instructions on meditation,breathing exercises, etc. I went through it pretty briefly so don’t consider this a thorough review, but it seems aimed at distraction rather than any kind of auditory solution. App is from Resound so seems like a pretty credible attempt. Requires loading on a smart phone. Also requires loading a recording app. All your responses are recorded.

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