T2 remote on Audibel Ranges

In looking on the Audibel website, it talks about the Range having T2 remote capability. Is this something extra to buy or does it come with the aid? Or is this something any phone can do for me?

I ask because I have read that users of the Range (or Starkey Wi) change the programming or memories.


T2 works using the dial tones (DMFT) you hear when you press keys on a telephone.

You can make T2 adjustments on these hearing aids using a specific sequence on a telephone or if you have an iPhone there is an app that makes the same sounds to control the aids.

So no, there is nothing more to buy if you have a phone.

Thanks. I assume my audi will explain all this to me when I get my HAs. If not I have now found a place to ask questions and get answers.

Thanks again.

There are also applications for the iPhone and Android that can be used with your smartphone to program the T2 aids.

In fact, my specialist gave me a free case of batteries as incentive to buy the $10 Android app because half of the money goes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation charity.

That’s awesome. I keep forgetting they do that (donate money from the app).


Or he’ll never activate T2 and not even tell you about it :slight_smile:

I will be sure he turns turns that feature on then.


The developer’s page is here.
The Andriod Market page is here.

Anyone know if this works with audibel, marcon, etc? (the starkey rebrands?)

Audibel is a Starkey brand, along with Micro Tech and NuEar. I know T2 works with Micro Tech. It should work with other Starkey brands too, since the aids are identical.

I have not heard of marcon band hearing aids.

I have Audibel Range and T2 does work. There is, however two T2s.
T2 Remote allows you to change mode and volume.
T2 On Demand allows you to make minor programming changes.

I accidentally asked this in the wrong place, I was referring to the remote app for android.


you’ll have to add some (w) before those… I apparently can’t post links
Though, i’m a little confused if this works like the remote or if you have to hold it up to your ear.

The T2 app will work as T2 Remote. I believe the T2 On Demand is for hearing professionals to do minor programming changes remotely.

You have to hold the phone to your ear, but be careful. That app plays the sounds like a speaker phone, not through the phone earpiece. On my Samsung Epic 4G, that means I need to hold the phone upside down with the screen pointed away from the aids due to the speaker placement on the phone.