I’ve been wearing hearing aides for only a year now and know so very little. This forum is very helpful to me, but please bear with me as I ask what to many may be very basic questions.

Is there a way to “retrofit” a set of Delta 6000’s with a T-coil so that it could work with bluetooth?

Buying a pair of EPOQ’s is not an option at the moment, unless someone has information on how to “trade up” or something similar. Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aids. Or, does anyone know of any organizations that could assist with the purchase of EPOQ’s.

I’ll leave it to one of the audi’s on here to let you know if you can retrofit a Delta with a T-Coil. But I’m not sure if you realize that retrofitting your Delta 6000’s with a T-coil (if possible) won’t give it bluetooth abilities like the Epoq. Although it will give you the opportunity to utilize a bluetooth enabled neckloop like the Artone discussed here in other posts. T-Coils rely on magnetic induction which is prone to interference in different environments.

The Epoq utilizes a different wireless technology that provides clearer transmission of signals than a telecoil, which is why it’s heavily hyped.

Unfortunately the Delta range has no option for telecoil as the battery and casing are too small and there is also no space for a program button to access the t-coil.

I appreciate the information.
Itsn’t it always the way, you purchase a great piece of technology only to find out after you shell out the cash, another, more improved piece is developed and ready to be released.

Why is it that most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of hearing aides. It’s certinally not a vanity item. Yet ironically, they’ll pay the vast medical bills of smokers.

Why hasn’t there been more of a protest from the Baby Boomer generation regarding this issue?

Unfortunately, Once a software or a product is introduce Oticon rarely do changes… For example, when Phonak came out with the dsl f5.0 itting forumula… they did it so that it was available for all their products… this is
good business policy

that said, i would expect to have an upgrade either soft. or hard ware
Delta is in much need for a upgrade… Its been a while and now even mid price instrument perfom better than delta

If you need these for work you may be able to get help from the state you live in.

I had also dropped a note OTICON and received the following reply.

I understand your question about reconfiguring, but it is not possible. as the two hearing aids (Delta and Epoq) are built on totally separate platforms,
and the components are simply not interchangeable. Nonetheless, it is quite possible that in years to come (not too many) we will have hearing aids with
the style and size of Delta, and with the connectivity of Epoq.
Sorry I cannot be of further assistance at this time.

If the Epoq is slightly larger than the Delta I wouldn’t mind at all since the features and functionality seem to be equal or better but as noted below, I think XBULDER is right on target…

Its been a while and now even mid price instruments perfom better than deltas.

Look’s like I may have to go out onto the street and pass the hat to get enough money to upgrade. Anyone want to teach me to play the accordian? :smiley:

I feel your pain, however- I must say that even the vigo would perfomr better than the deltas No question about it…

I just posted the same response in another thread, but I have a patient who wears her Bluetooth earpiece with her Deltas with no problem.